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Blood-C 04 – The Cake is a Lie!

I’m not even going to waste my time criticizing Blood-C and I can’t compare it to Blood+ because I never watched it.

I did see the original Blood: The Last Vampire though. It was an excellent film with all the technical prowess required to make it visually outstanding. But it isn’t without it’s flaws, I found that this film lacked the substance to make it memorable enough for me. In it’s defense though, substance was probably not the primary concern for Blood. It’s proven itself successful enough to generate several spin-offs.

Blood-C has begun with 4 episodes whose fights have become the most praised aspect and it’s ‘slice-of-life’ parts are considered banal at best. With four episodes in, there’s little exposition happening. If this were a 2 cour series, the slow development can be overlooked. But people can’t be as patient when dealing with a 1 cour series. Yes, it has a movie slated for 2012 but no one’s going to see it if they all hate the anime series, guys. I love CLAMP and Production I.G is a solid company, and yet I can’t get this nagging feeling that these guys are trolling.

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Natsume Yuujinchou San 04 – The Passage of Time

The fourth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou San cements the fact that time has indeed passed in Natsume’s world. Things have changed. It’s been two years since the last season, Zoku Natsume it’Yuujinchou and this episode did well in reminding us that while the changes in our protagonist are subtly portrayed, they’re there.

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Ao no Exorcist 15 – True Blue Shounen

This was an excellent week for Ao no Exorcist.  They really stirred things up this time, and the last half had one of the best fights yet. A-1 Pictures really knows to animate when they want to, I’ve watched the fight two times now. Rin’s blue flames really add to the viewing experience. I was starting to think A1-Pictures was only into animating dance choreography. They sure love ’em dancing, don’t they?

This show really knows execution well. It may not be the most original or thought provoking, but it’s a polished piece of work. I love how the soundtrack is like, ‘We’re going to have a dramatic moment now, so listen to amazing piece right here.’ I love the music for this show.

Tiger & Bunny 17 – Speculations on Kaede’s Role

No dad.

“Hey, hey! Remember when you were feeling really bad about last week’s episode? Well, there’s always hope you know? Things might turn out for the better. Don’t cry! Here, have a typhoon that will conveniently mend Kotetsu’s relationship with his daughter, Kaede!”

That typhoon was pretty convenient all right. It’s still a good episode though, Kotetsu reuniting with his family and reflecting on his past was something he really needed. What interests me though, is the revelation that Kaede is becoming a NEXT.

I’ve been watching the OP now that I’ve gotten a hang of it and whoa, I just noticed something interesting regarding the touchscreen phone (argh, I’m so tempted to call it an iPhone) where the pictures are swapped around.

The hands on the phone are really small, obviously. No one else in the cast aside from Dragon Kid and Kaede would have the same set of hands.

Stop staring at Barnaby.

Now, judging by the pictures, the phone is Kotetsu’s. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but if you think about it the scene also plays as though they’re driving through the city. Also note how the faceless person stops at Barnaby’s picture. So my speculation is, Kaede is going to become a hero and pair up with Kotetsu. The question is, how?


Chances are that Barnaby will become so popular, he’ll have to go solo (This happens!) and that Kotetsu was just experiencing symptoms of gaining a new NEXT power. In the end, they save the day! I’m okay with this but at the same time, I can imagine Sunrise depriving me of all my happy endings. Now let’s see how long until I’m proven wrong!

Thoughts on Summer 2011 – Fun things are fun

It’s hard to say with three episodes alone what shows are worth blogging. Whether this shows my inability to measure potential or my lack of experience in blogging anime, I don’t know. All I know is that fun things are fun.

Priority list:

1. Natsume Yuujinchou San
– Natsume has the natural advantage of any show entering its third season. How can I not watch this? I’ve seen the two seasons and they’ve been absolutely wonderful. Natsume Yuujinchou San has been consistent with the feel of the series but at the same time, it also displays the subtle changes in Natsume and people around him. It’s a nice, calm series that hasn’t failed to gain an emotional response from me. It also gives the impression that the director – Takahiro Omori enjoys doing Natsume Yuujinchou and Yuki Midorikawa’s works. I’m looking forward to the movie adaptation of Hotarubi no Mori E, Takahiro Omori’s grasp on the overall feeling of the works he’s directed is impressive. Being episodic in nature, there’s a high possibility of me blogging this regularly.

2. No.6
-Even before it aired, I had my eyes on No.6. There is something about No.6’s universe and atmosphere that draws me in. In a way, it greatly reminds me of Wolf’s Rain. There’s a lot of mysteries surrounding the show but it doesn’t let you get lost in all these questions. I’ve said this in my previous entry about No.6 and I’ll say it again, within No.6 lies a story about the nature of humanity. I just can’t deny myself of the potential I see in this show. Given the scope of the series and how it’s quite easy to follow but with enough things to ponder on, I feel that I can blog about this every week.


3. Mawaru Penguindrum
– The first episode didn’t exactly get me into the ‘penguin mood’, but there’s a decent amount of improvement in episode 2 and 3. This time around it doesn’t take itself too seriously by adding in more comedic elements to it. Being a 24 episode anime, it’s hard to tell what Mawaru Penguindrum is trying to achieve (some people might argue that it doesn’t need to try but hey fun things are fun!) but the last two episodes made up for the first one. Also…Shouma. Yes, I’m watching it for Shouma. Mawaru Penguindrum already has a lot of people covering it and it’s LOL2DEEP for me, I’ll blog about it occassionally but I don’t think I’m the right person to pick up on all this symbolism.

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First Impressions: Uta no Prince-sama – Challenge Accepted


Man, it’s been a while since I watched anything by this group. I hear they’re making serious music now, I could be wrong but these guys are hilarious. The group is Kanjani 8 by the way, but that doesn’t matter. LOOK AT THOSE SHORT SHORTS.

If I can stand Johnnys I can survive this fabulousness. It’s funny how the OP shows these guys singing happily together with all those sparkles and dancing lights, it’s pretty obvious they don’t like each other because they all want to get inside the main character’s panties. LOOKS LIKE REAL LIFE TO ME.

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