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Catching Up with Steins;Gate – It just gets better

I watch Steins;Gate every week, it’s just that I don’t blog about it. However, it’s never disappointed me. There’s great buildup and everything I initially liked about S;G remained intact all through out. This is definitely one of the best shows this season and with good reason, it delivers every single time.

Now that we’ve reached the turning point, and I have no idea how everything is going to turn out now. The 12th episode starts with the lab members finally deciding to go public with the time leap machine but Okarin doesn’t want to perform the tests and intends to give it to an appropriate organization, they even hold a party to celebrate the time leap machine’s completion. Continue reading


Steins;Gate 08

Here’s the thing, I like the show, there’s a lot to like about Steins;Gate. Chiefly, I love the heavy atmosphere that looms over it’s fictional universe and the smart dialogue exchange between characters. But it’s definitely going at a slow pace, especially because it’s mostly plot-driven. Unlike the other 20+ episode series this season, Steins;Gate is progressing it’s plot so it gives some (I daresay, impatient) viewers the impression of being slow. I on the other hand, love the way it’s going.

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Steins;Gate 07

You can click it for the high-res and prepare youself for a mind fuck.

Call it an anime viewer’s intuition if you like but I had an inkling this episode was going to be good and I wasn’t wrong. This was a great episode for Steins;Gate to re-establish itself. Okarin retaining his memories after a world line’s been moved is very interesting. Looking back on the first episode, something similar occured when Okarin saw Kurisu in a pool of blood. This may prove that the world line was moved at that time, probably to prevent Kurisu’s death. I’m pretty convinced this is what happened, seeing as Okarin was the only person to have memories of it. He’s definitely a special kind of person, and now John Titor wants him to become to become a ‘messiah’ and prevent a dystopia.

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Steins;Gate 06

I finished this episode thinking: They used used up another episode and I don’t feel we went anywhere. We’re nearly halfway right? If that were the case then we’re in for something ugly.

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Steins;Gate 04 – 05

It’s a great feeling to have your patience rewarded. The latest episodes of Steins;Gate have been awesome. From plot development to character development, it’s moving along swimmingly. The characters here range from odd to downright crazy, without easily submitting to vapid shenanigans. The dialogue is consistently witty, and with Mamoru Miyano delivering Okarin’s lines– it just works.

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Steins;Gate 03

This week Steins;Gate steps it up and delivers more answers, less questions and some nice character development thrown in between. Continue reading