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[C] 10 – 11: Maximum Trolling

And so, one of my favorite shows this season end. Okay, so I’m only religiously watching five shows this season.  So C being one of my favorites probably doesn’t say much. But I’m a person who filters out A LOT of what I watch.

I loved [C] and I’ll miss it. It’s a very flawed show though and the finale proved what I always knew. 11 episodes was simply not enough for it to tie loose ends as neatly as I would’ve liked. But [C] didn’t give up, it ran towards it’s end in full speed and what an entertaining ending it was. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a fight as good as Mikuni’s and Kimimaro’s. The angles and the energy put into this whole sequence was amazing and shedding some light on Q’s own motives was appreciated.

I’m not going to judge [C] now. So the part below this will be mostly be about my personal reflections.

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AnoHana 10 – 11 is About Crying and Screaming

To the people who watched AnoHana 11 with earphones on, how are you?

I’m going to be harsh on AnoHana not because I hate it, but because I like it. I expected a lot from it, and it has delivered more than once. People who read Hachimitsu should know that. I showered this with praises, especially during the first half.

But, things were already fumbling a bit from episode 6 onwards. And by the 9th episode, it was clear that the creators were running out of steam, discarding and overlooking a lot of points they built up. Why did this happen? I have no idea. Despite that though, everyone seems to love the ending  and this is why I must sit in front of my computer and write this commentary. To me, watching anime and blogging about it is an exercise of observation and a chance to come up with sensible criticism.

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Catching Up with Steins;Gate – It just gets better

I watch Steins;Gate every week, it’s just that I don’t blog about it. However, it’s never disappointed me. There’s great buildup and everything I initially liked about S;G remained intact all through out. This is definitely one of the best shows this season and with good reason, it delivers every single time.

Now that we’ve reached the turning point, and I have no idea how everything is going to turn out now. The 12th episode starts with the lab members finally deciding to go public with the time leap machine but Okarin doesn’t want to perform the tests and intends to give it to an appropriate organization, they even hold a party to celebrate the time leap machine’s completion. Continue reading

Tiger & Bunny 12 : Heroes in a Pinch

Warning, spoilers ahead. But then, this blog has always been spoiler filled.

We live in an age where people (read: the audience) don’t like figuring out things for themselves and angrily point fingers at the people who refuse to give them answers.

This is why Tiger & Bunny is such a huge breather. It’s simple, easy going and knows how to have fun with what it has. It’s not perfect, some things in Tiger and Bunny are just too unbelievable and unashamedly cheesy.  But to me, it’s all part of the charm.

I’ve sat through 12 episodes and the first episode is still my least favorite. It just gets better and better with each episode, thanks to the crafty people at Sunrise who are doing a good job distracting me from their occasionally shoddy writing.

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My Attitude as an Anime Viewer and Blogger

I’m relatively difficult to satisfy. But when I do like something, I like, like, like it a lot. But when something I really like disappoints me, I try to think if it’s excusable. However, if I find it is inexcusable then the old feelings of fondness are replaced with a growing feeling of bitterness.  In that sense, I’m a pretty extreme person and sometimes, an unreasonable one at that.

There will also be times when a show is so unredeemable but I can’t help but stick with it to the very end.

Now, whenever I blog about something, I try to be more reasonable than I would usually be. I still try to provide an unbiased opinion, but that’s become exceedingly difficult as of late given that I pursued an episodic format.

Since [C] and AnoHana are ending next week, I’m reserving my judgement until I finish these two shows. In the mean time, I’ll be catching up with Steins;Gate and other shows I don’t blog on a regular basis but follow regularly. These shows being Nichijou, Azazel and Gintama. Although I might have to blog about the recent Gintama arc that was AWESOME in the manga.

That said, I’m out.

AnE – 09, [C] – 09, Tiger & Bunny – 11

It’s been a busy week and because of that, the stuff I have to blog about ended up piling up. So I decided to blog about the episodes I enjoyed the most first.

Ao no Exorcist 09

AnE really stepped it up this week. This was an incredible episode. I’d say that in terms of quality it’s up there with the second episode. The animation was fluid, the pacing was tight and the music blended in very well. I liked how the animators paid attention to the little things, like how the characters walk across the screen and facial expressions.

This also had a decent amount of character development. Specifically towards the main trio: Rin, Shiemi and Yukio although it was mostly centered on Yukio. I have a love/hate relationship with his character. I do admire his persistence to protect his brother, and I wonder if Rin constantly outdoing him will prove as a weakness later. The show’s really good with providing bits and pieces of the underlying plot and building relationships between the cast members. I especially liked Yukio and Shiemi’s first meeting.

The best part is definitely Yukio and Rin vs. Eyepatch-sensei. It was very well done and the animation was eye candy.

There are still a lot of questions than answers in AnE. But we’ve still got a long way to go and the great thing is that AnE is shaping up to be a solid show. The fact that it focuses on it’s characters a lot helps it stand out amongst a lot of other shows under the same vein.

[C]: The Money of Soul Possibility Control 09

Okay, this is what I did with this episode: I decided to disregard the underlying themes and concentrate on the plot for a moment.

Mikuni’s plan to protect reality looks as if it’s backfired, with him possibly overlooking the fine print in this dangerous deal with the Financial District. Kimimaro decides to side with Jennifer, and discovers that his father’s asset looks similar to Mysu. This episode functioned to bring things to full circle and did it quite well.

Kimimaro kissing Mysu on the forehead certainly incited some reactions, and I’d be lying if I wasn’t the least bit affected not because I wanted them to kiss like lovers but because Kimamaro, Mysu and the audience know that if Kimimaro intends to rescue what’s left of the future– he’ll have to part with her. With Mysu gaining more human-like emotions, their relationship feels more complex than it was when they first met.

I vaguely remember calling [C] the prettiest show this season, not out of sarcasm but out of the awe regarding the structure of the Financial District and the colorful beams of light that scatter across the screen. This episode brought back that same feeling of awe. The massive tentacle monster descends and Mikuni stands before a monstrosity, majestic and frightening at the same time.

Call it an unpopular opinion, but [C] has become the better NoitaminA show for me this season and probably one of my top picks. With only two episodes left, I’m eagerly awaiting the ending– regardless of the possibility of a cop out or a train wreck.

Tiger and Bunny 11

Things have gotten really intense, but it’s great to see some humor here and there. And Jake has certainly lived up to expectations of a proper villain, he’s shows no remorse and his eccentricity is reminiscent of The Joker. In that sense, Tiger and Bunny has been doing quite well in the superhero genre.

This was actually much better than last week’s. The heroes sit back as the higher ups form a plan. Ivan finally gets to use his real abilities and works as a spy upon Jake’s release. However, it seems that he’s in a pinch judging how this episode ended. Proving that a superhero going too public is more of a liability than advantage.

Ao no Exorcist 07 – 08

Before anyone thinks I’ve dropped this show, hear me out. I genuinely like the show and the characters and the past two episodes have been fairly good but there aren’t any real themes explored here. Right now, it’s setting itself up as an action/adventure story and while that’s fun and all, it’s very hard to write about it. So pardon the poor writing! I tried, I really did.

The show still has a nice set of very interesting characters. I really thought I’d end up hating on Izumo, but the last two episodes that have focused on her have made her much more likable. I’m also liking how the two ‘main’ girls aren’t useless or fanservice fodder. Especially Shiemi, since she actually turns out to be the first to be useful during the demon attack.

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