Blood-C 04 – The Cake is a Lie!

I’m not even going to waste my time criticizing Blood-C and I can’t compare it to Blood+ because I never watched it.

I did see the original Blood: The Last Vampire though. It was an excellent film with all the technical prowess required to make it visually outstanding. But it isn’t without it’s flaws, I found that this film lacked the substance to make it memorable enough for me. In it’s defense though, substance was probably not the primary concern for Blood. It’s proven itself successful enough to generate several spin-offs.

Blood-C has begun with 4 episodes whose fights have become the most praised aspect and it’s ‘slice-of-life’ parts are considered banal at best. With four episodes in, there’s little exposition happening. If this were a 2 cour series, the slow development can be overlooked. But people can’t be as patient when dealing with a 1 cour series. Yes, it has a movie slated for 2012 but no one’s going to see it if they all hate the anime series, guys. I love CLAMP and Production I.G is a solid company, and yet I can’t get this nagging feeling that these guys are trolling.

Shut up and eat the damn Grimauve.

This is my problem with Blood-C, it shows promise but I just don’t think wasting this much time was a good idea (regardless if it were for trolling purposes). Look at Mawaru Penguindrum, it’s a 2 cour series with the standard development of every 2 cour show, but even so, it’s thrown in twists or unexpected developments (if you want to call it that, anyway) in three out of four episodes. This gives off the reassurance that things are happening. It reminds the audience that they have to watch the next episode. It’s a 2 cour series but it knows that it has to keep people talking.

Blood-C doesn’t do that and that’s why it’s such a terrible start. The idea itself isn’t so bad, it’s how it was executed that makes it problematic.

Eat the Grimauve, dammit!

The fourth episode is an improvement though, it finally does something, however I fear that for some it may be too late.  In this episode, a lot of cryptic messages are thrown around but unlike the in the previous ones, things are starting to make more sense.

As seen on the screencap above, an image of what looks like the original Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire appears in Blood-C’s Saya mind. Is she the same Saya?

More of the dialogue in the fourth episode alludes to this possibility along with Saya being part of a controlled environment that watches closely over her.

First is from the faceless narrator we’ve heard since the first episode:

The second is from the Elder Bairn,

The same can be said for the civilians attacked,

I bet they told him he was going to be part of a Uta Prince music video.

My assumption is that everyone in the seemingly empty village is part of this and the whole aim is to get Saya to associate with and care for humans. It looks like that eventually, Saya grew to detest human beings. And who can blame her? We’re kind of crappy. Maybe the slice of life segments are actually supposed to be mundane. These guys are just playing their assigned roles. Tokizane (You can call him Touya II) and Tomofusa (Yukito II) play a vital role  in this because Saya has an incomplete idea of love. Her father has her complete trust but love isn’t that easy. This is where the two come in. Although I feel that Tokizane may be the wild card as he seems to come off as more genuine than Tomofusa. Tomofusa doesn’t even show a lot of concern despite Saya being more interested in Tokizane.

Fumito is starting to become the most suspicious of them all. The fact that he makes Saya’s lunches is already suspicious.

Anyone who puts a likeness of Mokona in someone’s boxed lunch CAN’T be trusted! That or he’s just being a mommy.

And speaking of eating….

If everyone’s in it, then the Elder Bairns must be in some way too.  When Saya cuts off one of the creature’s limbs, the other two devour it. In anime, most of the time when monsters are performing cannibalism it is placed to show how these monsters lack ‘human values’. I didn’t get that feeling in this scene.  It seems that these guys are being starved. Which may have to do with them not getting the food they require. This may be what the covenant is about.


There were couple of interesting things going on in Blood-C this week and I hope the fourth episode is the start of real development.

Final thoughts:

Tokizane and Saya are starting to grow on me. At first I hated the ‘stoic male and the cheerful female’ set-up for these two but this scene was funny. I loved Tokizane’s face.

The production values for this show is topnotch. CLAMP’s artstyle is tricky to animate and more so with these complex battle set-ups. The three-on-one this week was very fluid and intense. I also liked the glimpses of Saya’s vulnerability in these battles.

In regards to being a set-up experiment. I can’t help but feel that this battle was done so Saya could realize how important it is to save someone after she didn’t do anything to save the baker from last episode. She just stood there while he exploded to bits. That’s just wrong.

P.S: 40 screencaps for this episode? That’s when you know a show looks good even though it’s bipolar as heck.


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