Natsume Yuujinchou San 04 – The Passage of Time

The fourth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou San cements the fact that time has indeed passed in Natsume’s world. Things have changed. It’s been two years since the last season, Zoku Natsume it’Yuujinchou and this episode did well in reminding us that while the changes in our protagonist are subtly portrayed, they’re there.

Natsume has grown into a person who treasures the importance of the relationships he has with humans and yokais alike. Compare the Natsume from the first season and you’ll understand what I mean.

Natsume inheriting Reiko’s Book of Friends has led him to make new friends. He is living his life, experiencing the things in his youth that Reiko didn’t. Although the two started out feeling isolated from others, Natsume slowly moves into a different direction. A direction in which he learns to appreciate yokai, to the point he even comes back to meet that one yokai he shunned during his childhood.

Older and wiser, Natsume now understands her better and their reunion is short and sweet.

Unlike the last two episodes, I didn’t feel as sad. No bitch tears in this episode, mostly because I felt that this ended more positively than the other two. Natsume’s childhood is sad, but they take good measures to make sure it doesn’t turn into a complete over dramatic mess.

The young Natsume receives a dusty old coat from one of his previous guardians who intends on handing over to someone else. It’s an act that appears to be out of guilt.

Nevertheless, Natsume clings to that old coat. He treasures the coat his guardian gave him because he saw it as an act of kindness.

I wouldn’t leave my kids with these people.

The third season is shaping up to be THE season to wrap up a perfectly cohesive trilogy, the way these installments move on to the next is as natural as how winter turns to spring and spring into summer. But of of course why just settle for a trilogy? I wouldn’t mind more seasons of Natsume.


3 thoughts on “Natsume Yuujinchou San 04 – The Passage of Time

  1. tomphile

    It runs the risk of getting stale if it continues on. I find the pace it’s setting right now to be perfectly fine and I’d be satisfied with it ending soon. It’s a peaceful series.

    1. Mira Post author

      Ah, this would be true. I don’t mind it stopping at a trilogy but I do hope they cover the more of the later parts of the manga. Since there’s more villian-like character that appear later. XD

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