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Tiger & Bunny 17 – Speculations on Kaede’s Role

No dad.

“Hey, hey! Remember when you were feeling really bad about last week’s episode? Well, there’s always hope you know? Things might turn out for the better. Don’t cry! Here, have a typhoon that will conveniently mend Kotetsu’s relationship with his daughter, Kaede!”

That typhoon was pretty convenient all right. It’s still a good episode though, Kotetsu reuniting with his family and reflecting on his past was something he really needed. What interests me though, is the revelation that Kaede is becoming a NEXT.

I’ve been watching the OP now that I’ve gotten a hang of it and whoa, I just noticed something interesting regarding the touchscreen phone (argh, I’m so tempted to call it an iPhone) where the pictures are swapped around.

The hands on the phone are really small, obviously. No one else in the cast aside from Dragon Kid and Kaede would have the same set of hands.

Stop staring at Barnaby.

Now, judging by the pictures, the phone is Kotetsu’s. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but if you think about it the scene also plays as though they’re driving through the city. Also note how the faceless person stops at Barnaby’s picture. So my speculation is, Kaede is going to become a hero and pair up with Kotetsu. The question is, how?


Chances are that Barnaby will become so popular, he’ll have to go solo (This happens!) and that Kotetsu was just experiencing symptoms of gaining a new NEXT power. In the end, they save the day! I’m okay with this but at the same time, I can imagine Sunrise depriving me of all my happy endings. Now let’s see how long until I’m proven wrong!