First Impressions: Uta no Prince-sama – Challenge Accepted


Man, it’s been a while since I watched anything by this group. I hear they’re making serious music now, I could be wrong but these guys are hilarious. The group is Kanjani 8 by the way, but that doesn’t matter. LOOK AT THOSE SHORT SHORTS.

If I can stand Johnnys I can survive this fabulousness. It’s funny how the OP shows these guys singing happily together with all those sparkles and dancing lights, it’s pretty obvious they don’t like each other because they all want to get inside the main character’s panties. LOOKS LIKE REAL LIFE TO ME.

Oh boy, does she ever want your dick Otoya-sama.

Why would anyone think drawing her eyes like this was a good idea?

Argh what is wrong with being a dork? Apparently, nobody wants a funny idol, it’s not cool. Idols are supposed to be immaculate beings way beyond self-depreciation. Comedy idols are just there to make the real idols look good.

This is probably a good thing to watch in between the more serious shows. The animation itself on the first episode was damn neat and that OP is actually pretty well-done. It really looks like an idol concert (also, those costumes are pretty standard Johnnys Entertainment costumes) and the choreography is pretty cool. I have no idea if people are watching this but at least it isn’t taking itself too seriously it’s pretty looking (minus the MC’s eyes) and harmless fun.


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Uta no Prince-sama – Challenge Accepted

    1. Mira Post author

      I was sitting through the first few minutes going: “This is comedy, right? It can’t be anything else!” But after this depressing week with Natsume, Steins;Gate and Tiger & Bunny– Uta no Prince-sama was…refreshing. But that’s probably based on the viewer, really.

  1. Joojoobees

    I completely agree about the eyes. I’m sure they were thinking it would make her distinctive, but they don’t flatter her, and she is pretty easy to recognize as the female redhead with short hair (unless they intend to introduce another redheaded character).

    The first episode was pretty funny, but the next couple of episodes were a bit too heavy. I don’t think it works as well when they try to be serious, so I hope they go back to whacky fun, like the first episode.

    1. Mira Post author

      It’s a very weird decision on their part, which is a shame because her eyes kept distracting me.

      I just watched the last two episode recently and it’s definitely better when it’s wacky and over the top. I did like the cake part though!

  2. Nedisan

    I disagree . I love yellow anime eyes , they look really deep and great.
    When I first watched this anime the first thing that got into my mind was that the colors are really beautiful and dynamic . And now, after some more episodes , I’m deeply in love with it.

    I love honey-like colors and I think it was one of the best choices .
    Sorry if I’m bothersome , just telling you my opinion.

    1. Joojoobees

      Wow. It’s always interesting to get reactions from people who have different opinions. I guess that is what makes life so surprising and interesting. Still, every time I looked at her eyes, it seemed creepy and inhuman to me. Oh well, different tastes are all tastes!


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