Please update your links etc. Let’s get fabulous in here.


6 thoughts on “MOVED.

      1. Justin

        O.o…but it’s on your site *gets the chills*

        Essentially, if I can’t subscribe to a site, I add the RSS, or feed that a website has, to My Yahoo system. It’ll keep me updated on posts. That’s what I use to keep track of blogs or sites I like. Most sites like Google and Yahoo have this type of stuff.

        So yeah, I added your feed (which is in top right corner of your site^^). Thanks for making me waste my time, you jerk 😀

        1. Mira Post author

          Oh man, sounds troublesome. But I know you’re just being tsundere. It’s no use! I don’t know if there’s an easier way to do it but lemme see.


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