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Tiger & Bunny 09

And…another week of Tiger & Bunny! This show is easy going, it’s not in a hurry to develop it’s plot and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the kind of show I’d like to watch after a stressful day. They have a way with coming up with very well-rounded episodes and all end satisfying enough.

I love the balance between plot and humor here. Things develop, letting the creators reveal bits and pieces of the Ouroboros and Lunatic plot while introducing and developing the other heroes. This was mainly Dragon Kid’s episode, but we got glimpses of Tiger’s fatherly side and the reason for his wife’s death. We also saw the change in Barnaby’s attitude and vulnerability. The fun episodes aren’t just ‘Oh okay we have all these episodes and we need to fill ’em up with lighthearted humor and homoerotic subtext bromance! Bitches love lighthearted humor and homoerotic subtext bromance! Then, we can dedicate the other half to PLOT development! Sounds like a plan!’

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[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 07

You frequent  readers (Do I have any? LOL.) should know that I’ve professed my love for this show before. It’s also the only anime whose website I visit quite often because they’ve put up some character monologues that won’t be found in the episodes themselves and they actually have some commentary regarding the episodes that go way beyond the surface of the show. Because of this, I have admiration for the people behind [C]. It makes me feel like it goes beyond than simply telling a story, developing characters or achieving plot progression. Some shows that hope to be relevant do this and then toss in a vague moral message.

The good people behind [C]’s wikia have translated Oosaka Naoki’s (a staff member of [C]) commentary on each episode which you can read here. People have continuously questioned the nature of [C]’s ‘commentary’, and what better explanation is there than the words from someone who works on [C]? It appears he works in a field related to economics so his words may be invaluable.

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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. 07

In Asian culture, ghosts are just that– ghosts. Jinta described Menma as the beast of summer, a embodiment of his stress. That isn’t the case though. This episode has cemented the fact that Menma is a ghost and not some psychological side effect of Jinta’s past trauma. She has a physical influence over inanimate objects that much is obvious, but the creators gloss over this fact unless they can use it to their convenience. In short, these guys are like this: FUCK LOGIC.

This is where I realize that while the show is enjoyable, emotional and has a great set of characters, I have to pay attention to more than just that. So I’ll try to do just that.

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Steins;Gate 08

Here’s the thing, I like the show, there’s a lot to like about Steins;Gate. Chiefly, I love the heavy atmosphere that looms over it’s fictional universe and the smart dialogue exchange between characters. But it’s definitely going at a slow pace, especially because it’s mostly plot-driven. Unlike the other 20+ episode series this season, Steins;Gate is progressing it’s plot so it gives some (I daresay, impatient) viewers the impression of being slow. I on the other hand, love the way it’s going.

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Ao no Exorcist 06

This just wasn’t a good episode. It’s mediocre at best. You’d probably get more action reading Top 10 Shark Attack stories than watching this. The humor remains consistent though, I chuckled at couple of scenes but that’s pretty much it.

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Tiger & Bunny 08

It’s hard for a hero these days. People just can’t seem to appreciate good ‘ol crimefighting. When Lunatic appears, it makes the public question if there’s a real need for heroes like Tiger & Bunny. Apparently, there’s just something about vigilantes that the people adore. I don’t know about you but I guess it’s because of actors like Charles Bronson and movies like Death Wish. That’s the kind of image vigilantes have in media, they’re almost always cooler than your regular good guy.

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[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 06

Allow me to boldly proclaim that this is the best episode yet. I was really, really impressed with what was done here. Obviously, not everyone agrees but I thought that this was what [C] was going to be about. To me it was never largely about the battles, [C] was a social commentary and an observation of the many moral standpoints regarding money. It’s thought provoking but without feeling contrived.

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