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Blood-C 04 – The Cake is a Lie!

I’m not even going to waste my time criticizing Blood-C and I can’t compare it to Blood+ because I never watched it.

I did see the original Blood: The Last Vampire though. It was an excellent film with all the technical prowess required to make it visually outstanding. But it isn’t without it’s flaws, I found that this film lacked the substance to make it memorable enough for me. In it’s defense though, substance was probably not the primary concern for Blood. It’s proven itself successful enough to generate several spin-offs.

Blood-C has begun with 4 episodes whose fights have become the most praised aspect and it’s ‘slice-of-life’ parts are considered banal at best. With four episodes in, there’s little exposition happening. If this were a 2 cour series, the slow development can be overlooked. But people can’t be as patient when dealing with a 1 cour series. Yes, it has a movie slated for 2012 but no one’s going to see it if they all hate the anime series, guys. I love CLAMP and Production I.G is a solid company, and yet I can’t get this nagging feeling that these guys are trolling.

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