Linking Policy

I’m open to link exchanges as long as your blog focuses on anime or manga related works regardless whether it’s about visual novels, light novels figures or games. However before asking me to link back please make sure your blog passes the following criteria:

1) No offensive/explicit content such as guro or outright pornography.

2) Your blog must have original content not taken from other sites.

If your blog fits this description then go ahead and leave a comment here or send me an email at 17sai.romance @ gmail . com (without the spaces) with the subject ‘Link Exchange’.


3 thoughts on “Linking Policy

  1. tomphile

    Hey Mira, love the stuff you do on this here blog. 😀
    Oh, and thanks a bunch for commenting on my blog before, it’s a bit overdue, I know, but thanks anyways.

    I’m starting up my blogroll and I’d love it if you were there too, and exchanging links is always a good thing. 🙂

    1. tomphile

      Oh, scratch that, it turns out you’ve already put me. I’m sorry for not putting you on my blogroll earlier, but I’ll get right to it. I’m looking forward to great things from you. xD

      1. Mira Post author

        Rofl. I like to link to places I frequently read so I added yours. XD Thanks for adding me to your links! *q*


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