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Ao no Exorcist 15 – True Blue Shounen

This was an excellent week for Ao no Exorcist.  They really stirred things up this time, and the last half had one of the best fights yet. A-1 Pictures really knows to animate when they want to, I’ve watched the fight two times now. Rin’s blue flames really add to the viewing experience. I was starting to think A1-Pictures was only into animating dance choreography. They sure love ’em dancing, don’t they?

This show really knows execution well. It may not be the most original or thought provoking, but it’s a polished piece of work. I love how the soundtrack is like, ‘We’re going to have a dramatic moment now, so listen to amazing piece right here.’ I love the music for this show.


Tiger & Bunny 17 – Speculations on Kaede’s Role

No dad.

“Hey, hey! Remember when you were feeling really bad about last week’s episode? Well, there’s always hope you know? Things might turn out for the better. Don’t cry! Here, have a typhoon that will conveniently mend Kotetsu’s relationship with his daughter, Kaede!”

That typhoon was pretty convenient all right. It’s still a good episode though, Kotetsu reuniting with his family and reflecting on his past was something he really needed. What interests me though, is the revelation that Kaede is becoming a NEXT.

I’ve been watching the OP now that I’ve gotten a hang of it and whoa, I just noticed something interesting regarding the touchscreen phone (argh, I’m so tempted to call it an iPhone) where the pictures are swapped around.

The hands on the phone are really small, obviously. No one else in the cast aside from Dragon Kid and Kaede would have the same set of hands.

Stop staring at Barnaby.

Now, judging by the pictures, the phone is Kotetsu’s. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but if you think about it the scene also plays as though they’re driving through the city. Also note how the faceless person stops at Barnaby’s picture. So my speculation is, Kaede is going to become a hero and pair up with Kotetsu. The question is, how?


Chances are that Barnaby will become so popular, he’ll have to go solo (This happens!) and that Kotetsu was just experiencing symptoms of gaining a new NEXT power. In the end, they save the day! I’m okay with this but at the same time, I can imagine Sunrise depriving me of all my happy endings. Now let’s see how long until I’m proven wrong!

Tiger & Bunny 16 – Livin’ the Dream

Give me a couple of years Kotetsu, I’ll be finding myself in a dumpster too.

While I’m still deciding which shows I should blog this season, the shows I’ve been following from last season have been excellent in their own right. But Tiger & Bunny stands out the best in my memory. This episode directs its attention to the two men whose lives are all greatly influenced by Mr.Legend in one way or another.

To Kotetsu, Mr.Legend was the very definition of a superhero. He lived his life embracing the idea of being a superhero just like Mr.Legend. To Lunatic, he was a father he once put his faith into. But as Mr.Legend’s powers declined, Yuri lost that guiding figure. He accidentally destroys his own father. His father’s death has led his mother to insanity and set Yuri to the path of a vigilante.

Such is the life of being a hero and a public figure. Mr.Legend’s miserable end was disheartening but at the same time, he inspired countless people like him to become heroes. He met a tragic demise but it wasn’t all in vain. That’s why the media had to keep his legacy untarnished, there’s just some things people are better off not knowing.

What I truly enjoyed about this episode is how it gradually unraveled both sides, I think everything that needs to be said about this episode has been said already.

Mr.Maverick is the final boss and Barnaby will break. This is Sunrise we’re talking about.

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Steins;Gate 07

You can click it for the high-res and prepare youself for a mind fuck.

Call it an anime viewer’s intuition if you like but I had an inkling this episode was going to be good and I wasn’t wrong. This was a great episode for Steins;Gate to re-establish itself. Okarin retaining his memories after a world line’s been moved is very interesting. Looking back on the first episode, something similar occured when Okarin saw Kurisu in a pool of blood. This may prove that the world line was moved at that time, probably to prevent Kurisu’s death. I’m pretty convinced this is what happened, seeing as Okarin was the only person to have memories of it. He’s definitely a special kind of person, and now John Titor wants him to become to become a ‘messiah’ and prevent a dystopia.

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Ao no Exorcist 05

This episode wasn’t the best but seeing more of the other students played a huge part in the enjoyment factor.  It was fun seeing the other teachers and the classes they teach. Poor Shiemi, struggling with the physical activities (I’ve grown very fond of her). The level of detail in Ao no Exorcist’s setting is really making this show stand out. It’s a well thought out world that easily pulls you in.

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Tiger & Bunny 07



How do I blog this show without being repetitive? This show has been delivering one good episode after the other. Every time I try writing about it, I end up with a blank screen.

It’s awesome to see a series blend humor and plot so well. Tiger with Blue Rose may seem like mere fanservice, but it was definitely used to hasten the plot and was in no way unnecessary. This show truly boasts of a powerful cast, the chemistry between these characters isn’t something you can easily achieve.

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[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05

I might be a minority here but I enjoy C’s battles. They’re a little too choppy (or poorly animated) to be considered ‘great’ but I like them nevertheless. I like seeing the various abilities of the Entres, they’re pretty creative and this is coming from someone who doesn’t look deeply into symbolism.

This show seriously has a lot of potential, the plot progresses and world itself is fascinating. It’s almost unfortunate that they weren’t able to adapt the original character designs a bit better, because obviously a lot of people watch for the eyecandy. That doesn’t mean I don’t find C visually pleasing though, the rich color palettes are lovely.You can see the budget is a bit tight but the studio makes it’s way around it when it can.

Mikuni is a man with a noble cause but Midas Money itself certainly can’t be a good thing. From one perspective, everyone profits from it. In the other hand, the repercussions may be dangerous. The scale could tip either way. However, it seems that he himself is already in too deep, a hint that perhaps even he can’t leave the Financial District for some reason but still tries to use the situation to everyone’s benefit.

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