Tiger & Bunny 16 – Livin’ the Dream

Give me a couple of years Kotetsu, I’ll be finding myself in a dumpster too.

While I’m still deciding which shows I should blog this season, the shows I’ve been following from last season have been excellent in their own right. But Tiger & Bunny stands out the best in my memory. This episode directs its attention to the two men whose lives are all greatly influenced by Mr.Legend in one way or another.

To Kotetsu, Mr.Legend was the very definition of a superhero. He lived his life embracing the idea of being a superhero just like Mr.Legend. To Lunatic, he was a father he once put his faith into. But as Mr.Legend’s powers declined, Yuri lost that guiding figure. He accidentally destroys his own father. His father’s death has led his mother to insanity and set Yuri to the path of a vigilante.

Such is the life of being a hero and a public figure. Mr.Legend’s miserable end was disheartening but at the same time, he inspired countless people like him to become heroes. He met a tragic demise but it wasn’t all in vain. That’s why the media had to keep his legacy untarnished, there’s just some things people are better off not knowing.

What I truly enjoyed about this episode is how it gradually unraveled both sides, I think everything that needs to be said about this episode has been said already.

Mr.Maverick is the final boss and Barnaby will break. This is Sunrise we’re talking about.

By the way, this isn’t a Tiger & Bunny post if it doesn’t have an obligatory ‘quality animation’ screencap.


2) How does Keith even breathe with that damn mask on? Also that horn on his head symbolizes that he is a unicorn. A virgin that will forever wait for his waifu on a park bench but will never meet her again because he killed her himself.

3) Oh wait, even Antonio has a ridiculous mask on. I give up.

4) Blue Rose’s dress is pretty cute. Too bad she looks like a man in this.

5) Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem are actually decent.

This show reaches greater levels of quality each week lol.

Also, this was funny okay. I chuckled despite all the depressing things going on in this episode. W-Will I get my comedy again? ;__;

Next week, Kotetsu returns to his hometown? There’s also a bit in the preview showing his wife. Whenever a dead wife pops up, you can tell there’s going to be a major turning point.


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