Thoughts on Summer 2011 – Fun things are fun

It’s hard to say with three episodes alone what shows are worth blogging. Whether this shows my inability to measure potential or my lack of experience in blogging anime, I don’t know. All I know is that fun things are fun.

Priority list:

1. Natsume Yuujinchou San
– Natsume has the natural advantage of any show entering its third season. How can I not watch this? I’ve seen the two seasons and they’ve been absolutely wonderful. Natsume Yuujinchou San has been consistent with the feel of the series but at the same time, it also displays the subtle changes in Natsume and people around him. It’s a nice, calm series that hasn’t failed to gain an emotional response from me. It also gives the impression that the director – Takahiro Omori enjoys doing Natsume Yuujinchou and Yuki Midorikawa’s works. I’m looking forward to the movie adaptation of Hotarubi no Mori E, Takahiro Omori’s grasp on the overall feeling of the works he’s directed is impressive. Being episodic in nature, there’s a high possibility of me blogging this regularly.

2. No.6
-Even before it aired, I had my eyes on No.6. There is something about No.6’s universe and atmosphere that draws me in. In a way, it greatly reminds me of Wolf’s Rain. There’s a lot of mysteries surrounding the show but it doesn’t let you get lost in all these questions. I’ve said this in my previous entry about No.6 and I’ll say it again, within No.6 lies a story about the nature of humanity. I just can’t deny myself of the potential I see in this show. Given the scope of the series and how it’s quite easy to follow but with enough things to ponder on, I feel that I can blog about this every week.


3. Mawaru Penguindrum
– The first episode didn’t exactly get me into the ‘penguin mood’, but there’s a decent amount of improvement in episode 2 and 3. This time around it doesn’t take itself too seriously by adding in more comedic elements to it. Being a 24 episode anime, it’s hard to tell what Mawaru Penguindrum is trying to achieve (some people might argue that it doesn’t need to try but hey fun things are fun!) but the last two episodes made up for the first one. Also…Shouma. Yes, I’m watching it for Shouma. Mawaru Penguindrum already has a lot of people covering it and it’s LOL2DEEP for me, I’ll blog about it occassionally but I don’t think I’m the right person to pick up on all this symbolism.

4. Kamisama Dolls
– This could go either way. As an action series, Kamisama Dolls does what Blood-C and Sacred Seven have failed to do. Build up that sense of intrigue and intensity without sacrificing too much in favor of mundane slice of life segments which people nowadays call ‘character development’. Hah. Good one there. The sinister feel that looms over the village and the so-called ‘Gods’ hints that there’s more to this show than we see from the surface. Also, it has one of the best OPs this season. Still not sure whether to blog this or not. It’ll probably be a lot like Mawaru Penguindrum in where I just randomly update when I feel like it.


5. Usagi Drop
– The thing with Usagi Drop is that, I don’t think I’ll find enough things to blog about it on a daily basis. It’s a great  slice of life show with a couple of heartwarming moments that are handled quite well, especially in anime. Not really keen on the idea of blogging this since there are a lot of people already on this and I don’t want to look too deeply into a slice of life show that presents things as they are.

6. Dantalian no Shoka
– I’ve only seen one episode and I’m already hooked. Admittedly, it’s a little silly how Hugh just stands there, reads a passage from a book so they can defeat a fire breathing dragon but this is fantasy, I think the whole idea of such a genre is to let you discard the inhibitions of logical thinking. Still not sure whether or not to blog about this so I’ll have to keep watching.

7. Blood – C
– Why am I still watching this? Oh, yeah. It’s co-written by CLAMP. This show is pretty much wasting it’s time, and I hope whatever the twist is, it better be worth those minutes spent on the most mundane things ever. That said, there’s one interesting theme that’s prevalent in Blood-C. Saya is constantly placed in the middle of things. When you think about it, she lives a pretty lonely life in a way that she could die any time fighting these monsters, and by that time the only person who’d know about it would be her father. The show has heavy implications but none of them have been dealt with directly. Blood-C has gone for three episodes and built up the mood. From now on, I expect more from Blood-C and while the development has been slow, there are glimpses of a larger and darker story ahead. If the rest of the episodes are like the first three ones there’s no way I’m blogging this though.

Guilty Pleasure of the Season:

1. Uta no Prince-sama
– A reverse harem that set in an ‘idol’ academy featuring the cheesiest song performances and a female protagonist with creepy eyes? Count me in. The production values are high and it seems like the kind of senseless fun that fits well in between all the other series.

2. Sacred Seven
– I don’t know where to put Sacred Seven. It’s not something I watch to reflect on and I doubt it’ll get any better but so far, the action scenes are cool. The characters lack any kind of personality so it’s best that I just focus on the action bits.

Indefinitely Dropped

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
– The first episode bored me. This isn’t my cup of tea to begin with so I guess it was to be expected.

Kamisama no Memo-chou
– Word,words,words. NEETs. Exposition. Words. Nothing in particular stood out to me or made me want to watch the next episode. The subject matter could’ve been handled better.

– I can’t see myself enjoying this series.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Summer 2011 – Fun things are fun

  1. Justin


    Haha I like your thoughts on Sacred Seven. Almost what I thought about the series as well before I gave up on it, even though it’s third ep was pretty good! I don’t have a problem with your list (aside from Blood C^^) Uta no Prince is somewhat underrated.

    1. Mira Post author

      I– I’m sorry Memo-chou, I still have the 2nd episode in my HD but like I said, the first two parts didn’t get me motivated enough to see the next installment. And that’s pretty bad considering I watched R-15 instead.

      I just wish Sacred Seven weren’t so concerned of being ‘serious’. It’s pretty decent when it isn’t. I can see where most people who’ve dropped Blood-C are coming from, but it does promise darker side of CLAMP so I’m sticking around for a while. I’m partially masochistic. As for Uta no Prince…it’s so bad it’s good!

  2. Sapphire Pyro

    “There is something about No.6′s universe and atmosphere that draws me in”
    = I would’ve felt the same, but I dislike the characters and execution so much that I forgot about it =_=

    ” It’s co-written by CLAMP. This show is pretty much wasting it’s time”
    = Hahahahahaha xD

    “a female protagonist with creepy eyes?”
    = I don’t fine her eyes creepy though…. but I dont’t see her as human either, LOLz

    1. Mira Post author

      As for No.6…I haven’t read the manga or the novel but I’ll probably get to it once the anime is finished?

      I have a love and hate relationship with CLAMP. If only I didn’t grow up loving everything they did! I’m too attached! XD I hated the TRC and xxxHolic ending and I didn’t care much for Kobato though. They’ve changed. :/

      Her eyes remind me of the kids in Village of the Damned. These kids are scary!


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