First Impressions: Sacred Seven – Rock Solid ‘Meh’

It’s like Star Driver all over again, except this time around– it’s not even entertaining. I didn’t even finish Star Driver but at least  the first episode had a lot of energy in it. I’m not having a great day and Sacred Seven which I hoped to heal my wounded soul did nothing for me. It doesn’t even excel at being campy. Wow. The stylized OP doesn’t help either, something about it feels awfully lame. Maybe it’s the colors they chose to use and the lackluster music.

The first episode was mainly about an aloof guy named Arma (Aruma = Armor, IS THIS WHAT THEY’RE TRYING TO TELL US?) who has dormant super powers. He ends up isolating himself because his powers cause him to hurt people.

Unfortunately for Arma, the most interesting part about him is his bike.

One day, a headless stone statue parading with Medusa’s head attacks the city and he with the help of the ojousama loli learns to control his powers, now called ‘Sacred Seven’.

Ruri, the magical princess loli.


Nothing in particular left me awestruck, even the all too epic explosions left me unimpressed. This is because of two reasons: 1) I don’t like the main character enough to root for him and 2) There’s nothing menacing about a rock monster who simply makes stuff explode. In fact, none of the characters caught my eye except for this kid.

But that’s mostly because he tries to smell Arma’s crotch or something.

Also, is it just me or is there some weird gap between the designs between the females and males? Aside from Ruri, all the girls look pretty plain. Some even look like throwaway character designs. Sometimes simple is good but the males look like there was a lot of thought put into their looks and clothing. The girls…not so much. It’s like they came from different shows with different art styles. Odd!

But not as odd as this butler who looks like that other butler from Kuroshitsuji.

DEAR LORD, ROCKS FOR PHONE STRAPS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I know you love them rocks but– no, just no.

Also, glasses girl…who wears stuff like that in a MUSEUM? ARGH.

I have to hand it to the people behind this show though, they know how to do fight scenes and while it wasn’t mindblowing– the animation for it was very good and detailed. The concept revolving around stones doesn’t reel me but it is different. I don’t know what these stones are for but whatever, I don’t expect to get answers from the first episode anyway. The frequent use of glowing eyes is reminiscent of Code Geass though.

The Geass is strong in this one.

I also liked the fact that he can choose from an array of weapons, if this ever gets turned into a game I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another one of Sacred Seven’s stronger points is it’s lush visuals. OP aside, it has a nice and glossy feel to it. The colors used are luscious, they’re strong but pleasant hues.

Pretty colors!

Everyone knows that being pretty isn’t enough, and judging from the first episode– looking at it from every aspect, there’s little about Sacred Seven that makes it memorable…yet. Yes, I am giving it another chance.


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sacred Seven – Rock Solid ‘Meh’

  1. soyokaze

    When I read ‘game’ it all clicked, just like when I read ‘toys’ in some Gundam underAge post.
    Main or the sole reason for Sunrise to do things like those..

    1. Mira Post author

      Hahaha! Gundam underAge. Awesome. It totally makes sense for Sunrise to profit from the merch of an otherwise generic anime. 😉

    1. Mira Post author

      It’d be a shame if they can’t keep up the animation quality for 12 episodes, the action is really what Sacred Seven has going for it so far.

  2. E Minor

    I disagree a bit on the visuals. Technically, the anime looks okay, but it’s the style that bothers me; I don’t like how monochromatic the episode got at times. It just looked kinda garish. Maybe later episodes will improve.

      1. E Minor

        I already deleted my copy of the first episode (what can I say? — it wasn’t good!), or I would’ve offered an example too of what I’m talking about. But yeah, scenes like that kinda bugged me.


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