[C] 10 – 11: Maximum Trolling

And so, one of my favorite shows this season end. Okay, so I’m only religiously watching five shows this season.  So C being one of my favorites probably doesn’t say much. But I’m a person who filters out A LOT of what I watch.

I loved [C] and I’ll miss it. It’s a very flawed show though and the finale proved what I always knew. 11 episodes was simply not enough for it to tie loose ends as neatly as I would’ve liked. But [C] didn’t give up, it ran towards it’s end in full speed and what an entertaining ending it was. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a fight as good as Mikuni’s and Kimimaro’s. The angles and the energy put into this whole sequence was amazing and shedding some light on Q’s own motives was appreciated.

I’m not going to judge [C] now. So the part below this will be mostly be about my personal reflections.

By the time Kimimaro is victorious he meets a mysterious figure that says no one is wrong. It’s simply that man’s continuous struggles from their differences that has allowed humans to learn from it. It may be painful or tragic, but these events shaped humanity. We’ve been watching the show, with different perspectives presented to us. It’s easy to find someone you agree or disagree with and the show supports the belief that people should form their own beliefs by not outright supporting any of them. Just because Kimimaro won, doesn’t necessarily mean he was right. The way things ended up though, Kimimaro’s and Jennifer’s beliefs seem for the better of everyone else. Mikuni, is fixated on the present and as noble as he appears, his actions truly revolve around his younger sister, Takako.

The Kimimaro and Mysu kiss did feel a little weird to me though, I just found it strange for some reason. I know I was initially shipping these two but the kiss wasn’t done that well, in my opinion at least.

The music was excellent though, but this is Taku Iwasaki we’re talking about. I don’t think you can go wrong with this guy. The song used during the Rotary Press reversal was very…David Lynch like for some reason. I don’t know why. It was just creepy but happy at the same time. I have mixed feelings about it.

In the end, Kimimaro doesn’t produce a permanent solution to the FD’s influence over the Japanese economy. He does however, prolong the life of Japan itself and buys back the future that the FD took as security and collateral. Because of this the present and the future are altered. After the crash of the Japanese Yen, Japan adapts the American Dollar. Some people are speculating that nobody sees Kimimaro anymore but I believe it’s just that Kimimaro has altered the world so much that it lead to severing relationships and changing people’s identities. He calls out to a girl who looks like Hanabi but restrains himself, Masakaki appears and tells him that she (the girl) looked like someone Kimimaro was very fond of but she isn’t the same Hanabi he used to know.

What truly intrigues me about the ending though is the picture Kimimaro finds in his pocket. I can’t remember when or how this picture was taken but Kimimaro saying: “I should’ve smiled more.” is what piques my interest. The past can never be regained unlike the future and Kimimaro probably regretted not just not smiling in the picture, but not smiling during his days before he reversed the Rotary Press. What he had at that moment was something he could no longer recover.

I’d like to think the FD favored Kimimaro because it led to prolonging the FD’s existence. With more futures to to take, the FD continues to amuse itself with new Entrepreneurs and more Deals.

I’ll miss this show. *sigh*

I liked this ending, it didn’t try to evoke any real emotion from me but opted to just go out there and give us that Mikuni vs. Kimimaro battle. I have to say though, this is probably because I expected worse. My lowered expectations worked in [C]’s favor and as of writing, I can’t come up with a better way to end [C]. It was a fun ride, and the discussions were very much worth it. Unlike AnoHana though, this looks more like a love it or hate it show. It appeals to a certain audience and if you’re willing to sit through some weird animation and clunky CG the fights can be very entertaining. I do think however, that part of [C]’s appeal to me are the underlying meanings and the presentation of different ideas. So if that’s your thing then it’s likely you’ll enjoy [C]. It may not have been a blockbuster success but I do think we need more shows like [C]. Perhaps one day we’ll chance upon one that isn’t held back by budget and time constraints.


2 thoughts on “[C] 10 – 11: Maximum Trolling

  1. E Minor

    Just because Kimimaro won, doesn’t necessarily mean he was right.

    Despite what the mysterious Jesus dude said, I don’t see how any other interpretation would fit. You can just look at the world Kimimaro creates and the world Mikuni created. Kimimaro’s world is so clearly better. Even if you say that Mikuni acted only for sister so that’s why his world is worse (selfish motivation or something), Kimimaro is also only moved to action once he sees Hanabi break down in Mikuni’s present. Yeah, he griped a whole lot beforehand, but what pushed him over the edge? The same human attachments as Mikuni — after all, just because Mikuni is shaped by his sister’s illness, who’s to say that the man is so singularly focused that he didn’t consider anything else? He didn’t strike me as an irrational guy; he just arrived at a different conclusion.

    1. Mira Post author

      I think I failed to elaborate on this. I didn’t really think Kimimaro was ‘right’ because everyone else is ‘right’ in a sense that their conviction is so. At least, that’s what I think Jesus Masakaki is trying to tell Kimimaro. I did think what Jennifer and Kimimaro did turned out to be better for everyone else compared to whatever Mikuni was planning. Besides, I did think the FD favored Kimimaro’s solution over Mikuni’s because it ensured that they’d stay a little longer if they had to return the futures they took.

      I did think Mikuni had his heart in the right place, but his experiences led him to choose a different method.


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