Catching Up with Steins;Gate – It just gets better

I watch Steins;Gate every week, it’s just that I don’t blog about it. However, it’s never disappointed me. There’s great buildup and everything I initially liked about S;G remained intact all through out. This is definitely one of the best shows this season and with good reason, it delivers every single time.

Now that we’ve reached the turning point, and I have no idea how everything is going to turn out now. The 12th episode starts with the lab members finally deciding to go public with the time leap machine but Okarin doesn’t want to perform the tests and intends to give it to an appropriate organization, they even hold a party to celebrate the time leap machine’s completion.

Okarin displaying normal emotions?! What is this?!

But things go awry when a couple of masked men and Moeka in a leather suit and– I won’t lie– Moeka pulling the trigger while everyone is frozen in terror has been one of the more intense moments this season. My chest literally tightened when I saw Mayuri shot point blank and Rintaro’s scream at the end before everything fades out to the ED made this moment for me. That tear that run downs Okarin’s cheek and Mamoru Miyano’s voice acting really gets to you.  Of course, this is an anime focused on time travel and the possibility of Okarin traveling through time to save Mayuri is certainly there so Mayuri fans shouldn’t worry that much I guess?

I never did like her that much.

I love how well this scene works without showing a lot.


The question is, does Mayuri have the same ability as Okarin? The first segment heavily hinted that Mayuri is more than just a childhood friend. She may have abilities that neither Okarin or SERN  know about. And what is Suzuha supposed to be? I wonder why she held back what she was supposed to say before she ran out.  S;G has a great amount of mystery that will keep the audience guessing but it doesn’t feel forced. The question is, will the series continue to deliver from here on? All that build up in the first half needs to pay off, and right now I’m eager to see what S;G has in store for it’s viewers.


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