Tiger & Bunny 12 : Heroes in a Pinch

Warning, spoilers ahead. But then, this blog has always been spoiler filled.

We live in an age where people (read: the audience) don’t like figuring out things for themselves and angrily point fingers at the people who refuse to give them answers.

This is why Tiger & Bunny is such a huge breather. It’s simple, easy going and knows how to have fun with what it has. It’s not perfect, some things in Tiger and Bunny are just too unbelievable and unashamedly cheesy.  But to me, it’s all part of the charm.

I’ve sat through 12 episodes and the first episode is still my least favorite. It just gets better and better with each episode, thanks to the crafty people at Sunrise who are doing a good job distracting me from their occasionally shoddy writing.

This would more or less, sound silly but when Sky High lost– I felt the wavering faith of the Sternbuild citizens. The King of Heroes, just fell and I  was pretty shocked, even though I knew in the back of my head that Keith had no way of winning against Jake because then the whole arc will be over and this wouldn’t be the damn Tiger & Bunny show.

“What do you mean, I look weird?!” The Tiger & Bunny show– full of THAT QUALITY ANIMATION.

Just when you thought things were going to get better between Kotetsu and Barnaby, Kotetsu messes it up by not trusting Barnaby to act level headed in the presence of his parents’ killer. His actions are understandable though, especially if he thought of it as putting himself in Barnaby’s shoes. It’d be hard for any normal person to control themselves in front of the man who murdered your mom and dad. I also think it’s part of Kotetsu being older and being a dad. He wants to ‘look after’ Barnaby, without understanding the fact that Barnaby is a grown man and Kotetsu not trusting him hurts his pride as well. I really enjoy the relationship between this two, in the spirit of being comrades.

“You can’t sit with us!” Poor Barnaby, forever the nerdy girl.

On the subject matter of NEXT. Jake’s ideology is a lot like Magneto’s and Mewtwo’s ideology. Hurhur Magneto and Mewtwo in the same sentence, I think I just did something amazing right there. ANYWAY. I don’t mind him passing around this ideology, no matter how cliche it sounds. I’m actually curious as to why Jake is so powerful. He’s duking it out with the heroes who have super powered mechanical suits, and so far, they’ve all lost to him. I wonder if these suits are actually helpful or just restraining the inherent capabilities of a NEXT, hence  why these guys haven’t truly lived up to their potential like Jake has. And I just found out Jake has the same voice actor as Ladd Russo. Awesome.

It was just one of those wild parties, you know?

Where the fuck did that couch come from and why the fuck do you need an umbrella in a stadium? These guys should be in [C] instead.

Kotetsu, is truly a pure-hearted individual. At his age, and in his profession– you’d think he’d be a rundown, cynical bastard. He gets insulted on a daily basis and no one takes him seriously. You think he’d quit and call it a day but instead, he moves on and perseveres.  A lot of people could learn from this guy, what a great character. Seeing him trashed by Jake was pretty depressing, and the fact that Agnes had to cut it to a commercial makes it even worse. Most of the time, a show puts a ‘pure-hearted and optimistic’ character in the center and all you get is annoying, paper-thin character that makes everything worse. Sure, Kotetsu has his shares of mistakes but they all coincide with his personality. Here, were see him trying to make up for his lack of trust in Barnaby.

Kotetsu? Great guy, man. Seriously. He’s a man’s man. Too bad he got his ass kicked today.

The next episode looks intense, with Barnaby finally facing off with Jake. There’s also snippets in the preview with Blue Rose and Fire Emblem in the rain. Whatever’s going to happen, I can’t wait for it. We’ve hit the middle of the series and hopefully the staff opens the second half with a bang! (Shut up, that exclamation mark is well deserved.)


5 thoughts on “Tiger & Bunny 12 : Heroes in a Pinch

    1. Mira Post author

      Someone should make a collection of all the derpy Tiger & Bunny animation we miss because Sunrise is so good at hiding it. ROFL.

  1. E Minor

    I just don’t get why they had to make Agnes such a bitch. It’s like it isn’t frustrating enough to see Tiger get beaten to a pulp. We need to gnash our teeth at Agnes as well.

    1. Mira Post author

      IKR. I know Hero TV doesn’t want to further demoralize the citizens but at least let Tiger’s effort be recognized. He’s the only one who got beat up pretty bad without his NEXT abilities to shield him from it.


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