My Attitude as an Anime Viewer and Blogger

I’m relatively difficult to satisfy. But when I do like something, I like, like, like it a lot. But when something I really like disappoints me, I try to think if it’s excusable. However, if I find it is inexcusable then the old feelings of fondness are replaced with a growing feeling of bitterness.  In that sense, I’m a pretty extreme person and sometimes, an unreasonable one at that.

There will also be times when a show is so unredeemable but I can’t help but stick with it to the very end.

Now, whenever I blog about something, I try to be more reasonable than I would usually be. I still try to provide an unbiased opinion, but that’s become exceedingly difficult as of late given that I pursued an episodic format.

Since [C] and AnoHana are ending next week, I’m reserving my judgement until I finish these two shows. In the mean time, I’ll be catching up with Steins;Gate and other shows I don’t blog on a regular basis but follow regularly. These shows being Nichijou, Azazel and Gintama. Although I might have to blog about the recent Gintama arc that was AWESOME in the manga.

That said, I’m out.


4 thoughts on “My Attitude as an Anime Viewer and Blogger

  1. Sapphire Pyro

    I understand the feeling of bitterness when a very remarkable show suddenly becomes disappointing. Oh it sucks.

    I think blogging should be fun…. and I think biased blogging is fun…. so I don’t see the point on trying to make an unbiased opinion if I don’t enjoy doing so ;D Haha! Besides, picking which you blog is already a form of “bias”, haha!

    1. Mira Post author

      Aww! XD I know the feeling of disappointment too well. It’s almost like being betrayed. But it hurts more when you’ve invested so much money in it! /I’m looking at you ridiculously long manga

      That’s a really good point rofl. That’s why I’m trying to catch a breather for now. I’m not very good being all srs business. XD


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