Ao no Exorcist 07 – 08

Before anyone thinks I’ve dropped this show, hear me out. I genuinely like the show and the characters and the past two episodes have been fairly good but there aren’t any real themes explored here. Right now, it’s setting itself up as an action/adventure story and while that’s fun and all, it’s very hard to write about it. So pardon the poor writing! I tried, I really did.

The show still has a nice set of very interesting characters. I really thought I’d end up hating on Izumo, but the last two episodes that have focused on her have made her much more likable. I’m also liking how the two ‘main’ girls aren’t useless or fanservice fodder. Especially Shiemi, since she actually turns out to be the first to be useful during the demon attack.


The younger brother who likes ruining other people’s chances for romance.

I saw a scan of this scene in the manga and I’m an unashamed fangirl who thinks this is the cutest thing ever.

The romance angle between Rin and Shiemi (And probably Rin and Izumo if the 8th episode is trying to hint at something) is really well done too. I’ve seen a couple of shounen that just don’t know how to deal with romance and end up dealing with it very heavy handedly.

And I have to say, the fact that the characters here aren’t idiots makes all the difference. The direction is also very good, I loved the action in this episode. Everyone gets to show some of their abilities and it manages to show what’s happening with Rin alongside what’s happening to everyone else without feeling too jumpy or all over the place.

Geez. Bitches fighting over their men.

O-Oh god. It looks like something directly lifted from my nightmares.

There isn’t a lot to say about Ao no Exorcist. For the time being it’s an entertaining watch but nothing much to talk about probably until the gears start turning and shifting towards a darker plot that involves Eyepatch-sensei. All in all, it’s still far from a shounen masterpiece but hey, these things take time. A part of me isn’t checking out the manga because I’m afraid. Afraid of expectations not being met, so please don’t laugh at my optimism.


5 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist 07 – 08

  1. tomphile

    Though there isn’t much going for it right now, you gotta admit, Rin with all the blue flames looks freaking cool. I think that’s a large part of the reason I watch this show. 🙂

    Oh,and the love triangle thing that’s happening in Ao no Exorcist isn’t really anything special, really. A lot of shows have three characters pining for each other, while also being oblivious to the other at the same time. That kind of thign.

    1. Mira Post author

      Rin’s a pretty cool protagonist, and to think his character design is pretty simple. I think the blue flames stand out much more here in the anime, I haven’t seen the manga yet but I’m pretty sure the colors and animation really amp up the cool factor.

      Rofl. Yeah, I have to agree. Or in this case, maybe a love polygon, who knows? I usually don’t like romance in my shounen but I really like the character relationships in AnE.

  2. Lila

    The manga isn’t that far ahead. There is another 1 and a half sequence or so of plot. 😛 The show is actually really following the manga closely. So whether or not you want to read it is dependent on how much you want to spoil the upcoming episodes. ^^

    I don’t know how they are going to manage the show once it starts catching up with the manga. Either they have to pause, or they will divert from the manga roots (FMA style).

    I couldn’t wait (oh, impatient soul) and ended up voraciously eating up all of the manga. Good stuff!

    1. Mira Post author

      Oh wow. I don’t know if having the manga unfinished is a good thing for most adaptations. I honestly don’t mind original endings/arcs as long as they’re good. I mean, the original FMA anime wasn’t so bad. I’ll probably wait until the anime is finished, reading the manga will add more to my expectations rofl.

      1. Lila

        I thought the first FMA was absolutely amazing – until I started Brotherhood. Then I realized how much more epic the story could be. 😛 I still have a nostalgic nook for the original FMA anime, as it was my ‘gateway drug’ to all things animated. I had sworn off all forms of anime before then, why would anyone like this- ohhhhh……. 😀

        I don’t think AnE has as much momentum to make it a lasting series, as there are a lot of predictable cliches with themes and plots – but, I’m absolutely fascinated by Rin’s character. Maybe it’s the shiny graphics (oh, so pretty!), but I think he has a potential unlike a lot of typical leads. I find the way he reacts to situations, like defusing fights between himself and others, really admirable. That really caught my eye, as well as his willingness to make fun of himself and his open praises when other people do things well. He’s a good person. :3

        I guess I’m used to the brooding, dark, distant, tragic and moody auras of lot of my other fave characters. tehehe


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