Tiger & Bunny 10 – Stylish Villiany

Simply put, this episode was about the main villains making their entrance.

And what a grand entrance it is.

Want people to take you seriously? Use teddy bears. Not sure they got the name of your super evil organization right? MAKE IT RAIN WITH YOUR LOGO. Want to get your comrade out of jail? Threaten to sink a city and drown 20 million people.

Whoever is behind Ouroboros’ advertising is a genius. These guys don’t half-ass anything and they’re definitely a worthy adversary for our company-sponsored heroes.

Eventually, everyone will have to join the Financial district.

The episode starts off normally enough, with Kotetsu on the phone with his daughter, making her recite the multiplication table. Multiplication tables were the bane of my existence when I was a kid. Moms and dads out there, never ever make your child recite it if you think it’s cute. Consider it only if you want to cause them intense agony.

Okay, back to Kotetsu. His conversation with his daughter reminded me that he isn’t your typical hero. He’s a single dad, and a middle aged man at that. He’s been in the industry for a long time and has a more old fashioned outlook on his job compared to Barnaby. People don’t take him seriously enough but that doesn’t get him down. He’s probably the most charismatic main character I’ve come across for a very long time.

I liked how this episode showed two sides of the heroes. Everyone was supposed to be on a day off, so they decided to show what the heroes did in their spare time. Now, Mr. Sky High or should I say, Keith– walks his dog. Okay, that is really awesome. I love dogs. But that Fire Emblem fanservice wins over everything. I don’t know if this is for real or is it poking fun at all the ridiculous censorship we have.

Too cute!

This man has a drinking problem and one of the episodes will be about the heroes trying to get him out of his addiction.


Best Waifu this season. Ohana and Erio can get the fuck off.

Then in the second half the episode, everyone rushes to the bridge where the robots attack. And I mean, everyone. You know, I was expecting something incredibly epic but I was a little underwhelmed. It’s like, Fire Emblem is the only one with cool attacks. Him and Sky High. It was cute that Blue Rose called on Dragon Kid, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen them interact that way.

This could’ve been more than just a good episode but the poor pacing made it fall a bit flat. It felt as though they kept on jumping from scene to scene, and in an action packed episode like this that doesn’t really help.

I also liked the allusion to Gloomy Bear too, in this episode we are introduced to these grotesque looking teddy bears that are immensely popular among kids. Kotetsu doesn’t find the appeal in them but gets them anyway, thinking his daughter might like it. His hopes are crushed when Kaede tells him that those are ‘uncute’. Poor clueless dad.

Still, this was a good episode. And that Jake Martinez guy is an artist.


Speculation time.

It just struck me just now, but what if Mr.Maverick is Mr.Legend? And all the other CEOs were heroes in their prime too? Especially if you consider that you hear almost nothing about the previous generation of heroes. Besides, those heroes probably kept their identity a secret, like your traditional superhero. Unlike the heroes in the present whose identities are known by their coworkers and employers. I don’t see a lot of speculations for Tiger & Bunny, but who knows right? This show will probably pull one off without us realizing it.


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