Steins;Gate 08

Here’s the thing, I like the show, there’s a lot to like about Steins;Gate. Chiefly, I love the heavy atmosphere that looms over it’s fictional universe and the smart dialogue exchange between characters. But it’s definitely going at a slow pace, especially because it’s mostly plot-driven. Unlike the other 20+ episode series this season, Steins;Gate is progressing it’s plot so it gives some (I daresay, impatient) viewers the impression of being slow. I on the other hand, love the way it’s going.

I expected with get into more action-y bits with this episode, but the lab members are still fiddling around with the D-mail instead. This time, Moeka sends a message to herself in the past telling her not to get a new phone. But this change is drastic enough to shift the world lines and she ends up not becoming a member of the team.

Ruka in particular was used in a clever way. Ruka wishes to be born a woman and asks Okarin to help her. This urges the group to perform an experiment in which they send a rather vague message to Ruka’s mother’s pager, asking her to eat her veggies. Okarin has the confidence that such a vague message wouldn’t do something as drastic as change someone’s gender so they go ahead with it.

They send out the message and the world line moves once again. Okarin doesn’t see any notable changes, especially in Ruka’s physique but if the world line has moved then something must’ve changed. And so, I sit here– unable to wait for the next episode. Although, it’s highly possible that Ruka indeed turn into a girl given that Okarin immediately assumed she was still a boy, I’m sure this was all meant to mislead us though.

Aside from Ruka’s cosplaying that brought up very strange feelings from people, I found Kurisu and Okarin’s conversation about changing the past the best part of this episode. Kurisu may disagree with it, but she’s just as curious about how the experiments will turn out. She willingly takes on the part of a spectator but refuses to dirty her hands. I’m surprised that Okarin can be so perceptive of people despite being such a ‘mad scientist’. These two make up the most interesting exchanges in the whole show.

One minor thing about the animation, I just noticed that at times the animation can be very beautiful and at times it can be derpy. The atmosphere though, tends to be a bit obtrusive, the colors are usually muted and earthy which lends to a washed out feel. Unfortunately, the washed out colors lend to the viewer being unable to appreciate that there’s some particularly gorgeous frames here and there, the show likes using some interesting angles after all.


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