Ao no Exorcist 06

This just wasn’t a good episode. It’s mediocre at best. You’d probably get more action reading Top 10 Shark Attack stories than watching this. The humor remains consistent though, I chuckled at couple of scenes but that’s pretty much it.

This felt very juvenile. While the last two episodes had certain cliches, the overall feel was refined. This episode lost that refinement. It’s good to see a sillier side to Yukio though, he’s always appears to be superior to Rin in all areas but this shows that Rin can still be the older brother. I like the fact that he’s a good cook, a trait you don’t see in most shounen leads. After all, shounen leads are the characters young boys are supposed to look up and it’s nice to see Ao no Exorcist going: HEY, YOU CAN BE GAR IN AN APRON TOO, MAN.

Probably not the waifu you were expecting.

You guys have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this to Yukio.

And…I kind of want that phone.

It’s great they showed more of the True Cross Academy, but I’m not a big fan of school settings to begin with so I kind of don’t care if the food is expensive guys. Overall, not a very good episode for Ao no Exorcist. It would’ve been much better off as an Iron Chef parody. Instead, it tried making me feel bad for annoying, obsessive fangirls. No. That’s not how it works.

A well deserved fate if you ask me.

I still enjoy this series though, it takes more than one lousy episode to deter my faith.


4 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist 06

  1. Joojoobees

    I agree with you. I was very disappointed. I can’t see how it made sense to include this in the broadcast. If they want to add meaningless fluff like this on the DVDs, that’s fine. In the middle of the season it makes me wonder if there is any point to the show at all. I also agree with you that one bad episode doesn’t destroy a series, but I wasn’t too thrilled with this show to begin with.

    1. Mira Post author

      I was confused why they needed a filler so early into the show. I figured it had something to do with the next episode. Shiemi looks like she’ll be a friendly kind of demon. All throughout we’ve been given the idea that demons are just evil so maybe they wanted to soften up that image with some reasonably good demons? Even if that were the case, this was still something better off in the DVDs and the BluRay lol.


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