[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 06

Allow me to boldly proclaim that this is the best episode yet. I was really, really impressed with what was done here. Obviously, not everyone agrees but I thought that this was what [C] was going to be about. To me it was never largely about the battles, [C] was a social commentary and an observation of the many moral standpoints regarding money. It’s thought provoking but without feeling contrived.

In this episode we meet Sennoza Kou, donning an appearance that’s almost ethereal. His personality perfectly suits this appearance as it turns out he’s representative of a non-profit organization and has been helping people all over the world. Sennoza believes that it’s best to avoid deals and even offers to pass his deal with Kimimaro by paying the fee (which is half of your assets).

“Have I turned you gay yet?


He represents a third perspective regarding the Financial District. He intends to avoid deals as much as possible, and he’s offered to pay the fee for every opponent he’s faced off with. Unfortunately, none of them accepted. From a viewer’s standpoint it sounds stupid. Why would those people decline an offer like that? I tried to think about it for a while and one of the reasons that seemed most plausible was because his opponents wouldn’t gain anything from it. There was nothing to be achieved or lost. There’s also the probability that the people he’s been put up against found joy or entertainment from performing in these deals.

Sennoza is a lot like Mikuni in a sense that they carry a heavy weight on their shoulders. Mikuni may have the country resting on his hands, but Sennoza has the future of the countries and the children he’s helped. Every time he loses, a possibility in the future disappears. He decides that he must avoid fighting if he can, that way no parties are harmed. This thinking is flawed though, because there will come a time that Sennoza will be unable to pay for his opponents share and not everyone would be willing to pay half their assets to avoid a deal.

After Sennoza’s entrance, Jennifer presents her view as well.

No, no, not that view.

She believes that destroying the Financial District is the only way to save the future. But that ideal is flawed too, in a way it’d be destroying what was funded by the present and could destroy the future anyway.

This episode was working like a stage play, now that may sound like a bad thing but to me that’s just fine.

Enter Mikuni and Q, who are on a date.

Mikuni criticizes Sennoza’s thinking, and it turns out he’s the only one to beat him. He states that there wouldn’t be a future if there weren’t a present. And he would be right. The thing is, the Financial District has been in existence even before Mikuni has joined. I reckon the black money was going to find it’s way into the real world to begin with.  Mikuni buying national bonds with it might as well be just speeding up the process. Aware of that, Mikuni believes he might as well live in the present.

I’m then reminded of Kimimaro’s 50-something coworker who was planning on canceling his insurance. It doesn’t sound like a good idea but in his case, he needs the money. He considers himself happy if he can worry about his last days. It was a small moment but it rings true for aging people who are stuck on a dead-end job. I’ve seen people like that and I swear I’ve heard people say the exact same thing. This is what I admire about [C], it’s more than just a fantasy-shounen series that a lot of people mistake it for. It addresses a topic that hits so close to home. Why people skim over these details, I have no idea.

In a way, this was good for Kimimaro. Right now he stands in the middle of all these conflicting ideas. Sooner or later, he’ll have to choose his own stance that was hinted during his fight with Sennoza.

This scene –can I just– I was literally covering my mouth with my hands. It was so powerful.

Kimimaro wants to protect those that are close to him. Something that’s almost the complete opposite of  what Jennifer, Sennoza or Mikuni want. These three give the impression that they try to take on burdens they can’t carry on their shoulders. Kimimaro’s simplistic view is what most of us can relate to.

Another note, it’s clear that Kimimaro is developing feelings for Mysu. But is that really okay?

Assets are the embodiment of an Entre’s future but they aren’t human. What is Mysu and why does she have the appearance of a human? She looks more human than a lot of the assets. Some Entre’s have human looking assets but none more so than Mysu and Q. My theory is that Q embodies Mikuni’s future with his younger and sickly sister while Mysu may be an embodiment of Kimimaro’s relationship with Hanabi. I could be mistaken but hey, it’ s fun to look too deeply into things.

Once he decides on it, he and Mysu prepare themselves in order to land a mezzoflation.

When the scene suddenly cuts to Sennoza and his staff moving out of the office, I can imagine the exasperated cries of the audience. Not for me though, I was fine with that. Sennoza lost but I’m not sure if he simply lost or if he went completely bankrupt. When he says he’s glad he doesn’t have to depend on the Midas Money, I was pretty sure he’s been kicked out of the Financial District. He doesn’t take it personally though, and even compliments Mysu for being charming.

I’ve been getting a kick out of calling Sennoza the new ‘Kaworu’, chances are he’s only in for one episode but so far he’s influenced Kimimaro’s thinking a lot. His asset is even called ‘Angel’ and he’s usually seen smiling and glowing even. But he turns serious when he needs to. He was a pretty nicely written character, almost like an impossibly good person. I can imagine he was invited by Masasaki during a time of dire need like everyone else and ended up trapped in the rat race that is the Financial District.

Wow, this is the longest entry I’ve written so far. That just proves how absorbing this episode was for me.


5 thoughts on “[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 06

  1. Joojoobees

    I liked your analysis of the three views Kimimaro was faced with. I think this is an interesting show because it seems to be raising serious issues in an allegorical way, but in all honesty I find it difficult to understand how they relate to the real world. The battles themselves are sort of irrelevant to me. I mean, they are important as to who won, but the story about the real world effects, and Kimimaro’s struggle to determine how he will cope with his involvement in the Financial District is what I find engaging.

    1. Mira Post author

      Thanks Joojoobees! I for one, am not sure what [C] is trying to say about the current economic situation. So far, I’d like to think Jennifer, Sennoza and Mikuni all represent major organizations because of their stances. While Kimimaro is the everyman whose motivation is much simpler but is coaxed by all sides to aid their cause perhaps due to his potential.

      The battles themselves are great to watch from time to time, but I have to agree with you. The relationship between the real world and the financial district along with Kimimaro’s constant moral dilemma are the things I look forward to week after week.

  2. Sapphire Pyro

    Firstly, I want to say: I LOVE YOUR IMAGE CAPTIONS xD Haha

    Interesting thoughts on Kimimaro’s coworker. I was sure that there’s a message behind it and it is related to people like him in the real world, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until you wrote what I wanted to say, haha!

    And oh I agree that [C] was never just about the battles. It also puzzles me that many tend to skip the really interesting parts in the show.

    “My theory is that Q embodies Mikuni’s future with his younger and sickly sister while Mysu may be an embodiment of Kimimaro’s relationship with Hanabi.”
    = Interesting theory on why Q and Mashu are very humanlike (I don’t think they’re the only ones though. The Asset girl with a giant gun can pass as a human for me too).
    Though I’m no longer sure of Mashu being the embodiment of Kimimaro’s relatioship w/ Hanabi…. he seems to be over w/ Hanabi and more into Mashu now, haha!

    “Sennoza lost but I’m not sure if he simply lost or if he went completely bankrupt”
    = He still has staff left, and he could still do volunteering… so maybe it wasn’t “bankrupt”?

    Sennoza = Kawory? come to think of it, they’re both deliciously ghey, LOLz No wonder I didn’t end up hating Sennoza *Kaworu fan* Hahahahaha!

    1. Mira Post author

      I think he’s constantly being used as a parallel but I haven’t been rewatching the show to make sure! He’s a very minor character, be he bring melancholy like the professor does whenever I see him. /sigh

      The fights themselves are just a means to get the story going imho. There are a lot of small moments that are just as thought provoking.

      Interesting theory on why Q and Mashu are very humanlike (I don’t think they’re the only ones though. The Asset girl with a giant gun can pass as a human for me too).
      Ah, yeah! Even the professor’s looked a bit human. So I may not be correct on that theory, but it was fun thinking about it. And lol @ the Hanabi part, yeah it seems Kimimaro is really developing deeper feelings for Mysu. Which is okay for me because I prefer Mysu anyway! XD

      I hope not! Most of the people who end up bankrupt look like they slowly lose things over time.

      I’m a huge Kaworu fan myself, that’s why I immediately took a liking to Sennoza eventhough he was flirting with Mysu. He’s such a cool guy! He’s so pretty!

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