Steins;Gate 07

You can click it for the high-res and prepare youself for a mind fuck.

Call it an anime viewer’s intuition if you like but I had an inkling this episode was going to be good and I wasn’t wrong. This was a great episode for Steins;Gate to re-establish itself. Okarin retaining his memories after a world line’s been moved is very interesting. Looking back on the first episode, something similar occured when Okarin saw Kurisu in a pool of blood. This may prove that the world line was moved at that time, probably to prevent Kurisu’s death. I’m pretty convinced this is what happened, seeing as Okarin was the only person to have memories of it. He’s definitely a special kind of person, and now John Titor wants him to become to become a ‘messiah’ and prevent a dystopia.

For the next paragraph, I’d take my time and talk about wordpress’ new dashboard design and whether I like it or not but that’s kind of unnecessary especially now that it’s taken space in a place where I should be blogging about Steins;Gate. I could also talk about how Daru keeps talking about ‘programming’ when his screen is showing Photoshop. Seriously, I’m just going to use this paragraph to troll everyone and talk about unnecessary things.

Or maybe a blurb about what an attractive trap Ruka is, man I could waste space doing just that.

Steins;Gate has a knack for the understated. Even when an integral part of the plot occurs, it remains low-key. This would normally be a problem but Steins;Gate has a cast of characters bordering on the eccentric and a thick atmosphere, the subtle storytelling (It’s subtle, in my opinion at least.) balances these elements out. Steins;Gate isn’t without its flaws though, for the first time Daru genuinely irritates me. As he blurts out one of his unfunny, perverted one-liners I’m sitting here thinking: “This dude is really expendable, he’s not even comic relief. I bet you could replace him with an utterly moe loli computer genius and people wouldn’t give a damn.”

In contrast though, Okarin is one of the most brilliant protagonists in a while. He’s quite unique and likable, it’s funny that Kurisu comments that he has ‘cold feet’– proving that as eccentric as he is, Okarin has his own set of fears and worries. A side to him we haven’t seen of much. As for the other characters, they’re fairly likable but not a lot is revealed about them, with the exception of Kurisu. While it’s great to have a entertaining protagonist, I think Steins;Gate needs to work on most of the girls.


2 thoughts on “Steins;Gate 07

  1. Joojoobees

    On the other hand, Daru is one of the more believable characters ever to appear in anime. I’ve worked with computer programmers for many years, and have met many who not only look like Daru, but also are just as obnoxious. Get two of these guys together and they will be screaming at each other about how the other one is “wrong” in the choice of which starship drive is the best. Somehow they all seem to think they are incredibly clever, despite the fact that what they are saying is childish and pathetic.

    1. Mira Post author

      In Daru’s case, I suppose realistic doesn’t necessarily mean likable. I haven’t had the chance to meet a lot of people like Daru but it sounds like the creators got it spot-on then. ;D


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