Tiger & Bunny 07



How do I blog this show without being repetitive? This show has been delivering one good episode after the other. Every time I try writing about it, I end up with a blank screen.

It’s awesome to see a series blend humor and plot so well. Tiger with Blue Rose may seem like mere fanservice, but it was definitely used to hasten the plot and was in no way unnecessary. This show truly boasts of a powerful cast, the chemistry between these characters isn’t something you can easily achieve.

Besides, how can you say no to more Blue Rose?!

OH AND– A Tiger & Blue Rose Spin Off wouldn’t be so bad either.

Barnaby is really getting a lot of character development lately. He seems to have what looks like a father-son relationship with the CEO, showing a rare child-like side to him. It also shows how he’s like when he totally loses his temper. It was hard warming to him in the beginning but his growth in this show has been constant.

One of the more vulnerable faces of Barnaby.

The battle in this episode was extremely epic, one of the best Tiger & Bunny fight scenes so far. We’ve got 19 episodes to go and hopefully there’s more of that in the future.

The new villain has just the right amount of evil and charisma to keep him interesting so I can’t wait to see more of him.

The next episode looks like it’s about Origami Cyclone and I can’t wait. He’s actually one of the superheroes I’m curious about because pixiv likes to portray him as a weeaboo or some shit. So I can’t wait for it lol!

Man, look at the deteriorating quality of this entry. Guys, just look at the caps.


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