[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05

I might be a minority here but I enjoy C’s battles. They’re a little too choppy (or poorly animated) to be considered ‘great’ but I like them nevertheless. I like seeing the various abilities of the Entres, they’re pretty creative and this is coming from someone who doesn’t look deeply into symbolism.

This show seriously has a lot of potential, the plot progresses and world itself is fascinating. It’s almost unfortunate that they weren’t able to adapt the original character designs a bit better, because obviously a lot of people watch for the eyecandy. That doesn’t mean I don’t find C visually pleasing though, the rich color palettes are lovely.You can see the budget is a bit tight but the studio makes it’s way around it when it can.

Mikuni is a man with a noble cause but Midas Money itself certainly can’t be a good thing. From one perspective, everyone profits from it. In the other hand, the repercussions may be dangerous. The scale could tip either way. However, it seems that he himself is already in too deep, a hint that perhaps even he can’t leave the Financial District for some reason but still tries to use the situation to everyone’s benefit.

I have an inkling this story is setting itself to be darker than I first expected it to be. I find it hard to take C by face value, and it feels like we’re in for something deeper and probably more evil. When the professor mentions that his wife has left him, that was another huge blow. As if him losing his children weren’t enough, he loses his wife was well. It becomes more and more apparent that things will probably just get worse from here.

The more I see the professor, the more depressed I become.

What role does Kimimaro play in all of these though? Mikuni himself said that Kimimaro losing wouldn’t mean a lot to rest of them and he isn’t exceptionally smart or sharp. So why does Mikuni go to such lengths for this kid? He explains that people obsessed with money can’t control it, hinting that Kimimaro is the exact opposite of that. So for now it’s safe to assume that he’s grooming Kimimaro to be his protege.

“Will you do it in my stead?” Mikuni isn’t very old though, I find it odd he’d need a protege. DUNDUNDUNDUN!

With that out of the way, can I just say that the Kimimaro and Mysu scenes are adorable? They’re really starting to grow fond of each other every episode.  Kimimaro even gets Mysu instant ramen in the Financial District so she can find out how it’s like to ‘eat’. When Mikuni hears about this, he offers to get Q some ramen but Q rejects the offer. That’s pretty cute too. I wish C actually does delve into the topic of these assets, it’s interesting they show emotion and feel pain.

This whole scene is the cutest.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger and Kimimaro faces another deal. I predict he’s actually succeed in winning this one with a small margin, because that’s how main characters roll.


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