Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. 05

People will always have their good sides and their bad sides. As much as possible we try to show our best side, that way we protect ourselves. But what happens when you totally expose your weakest side? Does it completely break you? Does the earth split open and swallow you?


It’s just that your life moves on from one thing and the other, and somehow it doesn’t quite follow your expectations but everything turns out better than you thought.

AnoHana is realistic in it’s portrayal of these characters. All of whom try to compose themselves despite the fact that they’re all frayed at the edges.

The first few minutes of this week’s installment include probably on of the most emotional scenes in anime I’ve seen in a while.


Yukiatsu accepts his fall, and attempts to move on as gracefully as he can. He tries to latch on to his pride, no matter how broken he may have appeared before Jinta. He’s quite bitter about Tsuruko’s interference, but all in all– he benefits from it so he thanks her in the train station.

There’s a drastic improvement in Yukiatsu’s character but this show continues to surprise me as it adds more layers to it’s cast. None of them are predictable and constantly switch from sympathetic to frustrating every once is a while. While inconsistency my seem like a sign of bad writing, in AnoHana the inconsistent nature of these people only help to aid the story itself.

Take Tsuruko for example, she was amazing the last episode. But her attempt to help Yukiatsu fractures their relationship and cracks on her seemingly stoic nature are beginning to show. Last time, I wasn’t convinced she may have liked Yukiatsu in a romantic way but this episode has been hinting on it a lot.

Then there’s Anaru, who I really feel sorry for. She’s more naïve than I thought. And it’s sad she had to go through that traumatic experience. In her case though, it was a nice glimpse of reality. I knew something like this was bound to happen and it was such a relief to have her saved by Yukiatsu (who I kind think of stalked her all day hahaha).

Their talk in the train was pretty intriguing, especially Anaru taking note of Yukiatsu mentioning Jinta’s name when he saves her. As though hanging out with him is something Yukiastu subconsciously wants. Yukiatsu comments that both of them have been left behind in regards to their feelings. The two are hung up on the past and are unable to move on. Anaru is in love with Jinta, she envies and admires Menma. Yukiatsu is in love with Menma, he envies and admires Jinta. Them sitting opposite to each other was like looking at their reflection, a nice visual gesture.

Poppo’s visit further reaffirms that everyone in the group felt partially responsible for Menma’s death. When he says he wants her to rely on him more, it was probably because he was unable to help when they found her.

AnoHana is a shining example of drama in anime done right. I may be looking way too far into the future with this but I wouldn’t be shocked if they come up with a movie adaptation or drama adaptation if this show is successful enough as Honey and Clover was.


4 thoughts on “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. 05

  1. tomphile

    Loved your take on the episode this week. It really was an interesting one wasn’t it?
    I think Yukiatsu is slated to be one of my favorite characters of this anime now that he’s shed his Menma-obsessiveness. He was just too cool when he saved Anjou and he was super-sharp when he noted that both him and Anjou were left behind.

    1. Mira Post author

      Most powerful episode for me so far. And who would’ve thought Yukiatsu would somewhat turn likable? Incredible how fast he redeemed himself, that was completely unexpected on my part. I thought they’d try to redeem him but fail but the creators managed to do it without making it too cheesy. Whoa. It’s great how he comes in terms with his inner turmoil. 😀

      1. tomphile

        Now the question is, how crazy are the other members of the Super Peace Busters? Is Poppo, Tsuruko, or Jinta the one with the worst problems? Jinta’s probably gonna have his problems solved last in the anime as his turmoil gives rise to Menma, but I have to say that Poppo might be the worst off. After all, it’s always the one you least expect, right?

        1. Mira Post author

          After all, it’s always the one you least expect, right?

          I have to agree! This anime is always exceeding my expectations with it’s characters. I think Poppo will really break my heart though, he seems so eager to bring the group together. I can’t wait to see who’s the most damaged one of them all who can compete with Yukiatsu’s issues lol.


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