Steins;Gate 06

I finished this episode thinking: They used used up another episode and I don’t feel we went anywhere. We’re nearly halfway right? If that were the case then we’re in for something ugly.

Call me an idiot if you will but I just recently found out that Steins;Gate is actually 24 episodes. And believe me, that was a huge relief.  This show is dedicating all of its time to what it needs to focus on. Time travel in itself is already a weighty topic to be dealing with. Right now, Steins;Gate is already working to explain how these things work in it’s fictional universe so it can pull you into their world. Some shows given this amount of time dawdling about with (more often than not) unnecessary fillers.

A notable scene in this episode is Okarin’s dream. We hear ambiguous lines said by whom I assume to be Kurisu and Amane pertaining to the topic of time and space. If you watch the OP, you’ll find that Okarin is grouped with these two. This and Okarin’s dream may be hints to what may happen in the future.

The only negative I can say though is that some of the jokes are getting a little old. You can only exploit a banana joke so many times. The dialogue wasn’t as lively as usual and it moved pretty slow. This wasn’t Steins;Gate’s strongest episode but for a 24 episode show, I’m glad it’s making good use of it’s time.


3 thoughts on “Steins;Gate 06

  1. tomphile

    I’m glad someone else seems to be eager about this anime 🙂
    SG has really been an interesting watch and I can’t help but feel that so much could go wrong, though so much could go right. There’s the potential that the writers will flop the explanation of the time traveling and ruin the whole story. And I think that’s the crux of it, the way they develop it. Cuz you know, that’s what story is all about.

    1. Mira Post author

      SG has really been an interesting watch and I can’t help but feel that so much could go wrong, though so much could go right.

      Argh yes. It has the potential to go either way. Although I’d prefer the latter because the first few episodes hooked me and it is pretty unique in terms of feel and characters. I think that’s why they’re taking their time, knowing Okarin it won’t be long until they actually start time traveling.

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