Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. 04




Does this mean we have four traps this season? (cue the awkward silence)

The episode picks up where it left off with the gang running to the creek to find the other Menma. The other Menma doesn’t turn up so they come back. Yukiatsu stirs up some trouble when he says that the Menma he saw doesn’t want everyone to make such a fuss over it which upsets Menma. Jinta tries to convince everyone with the muffins Menma made but Yukiatsu continues to criticize him. The barbeque party ends on a pretty sour note, with Poppo, Anaru and Tsuruko together.

Tsuruko quickly changed how I first saw her, with her working behind the scenes trying to figure everything out and letting everyone find out the truth about the second Menma. In a way, she’s being a real friend to Yukiatsu and wants him to just stop this. She understands him the best and I admire how she approached this predicament. Poppo and her are probably the most useful people in this show and actually get things done. Don’t get me wrong, I like everyone (even Yukiatsu) but if the plot was left to the other three to manuever there’s no way we’d get this kind of progress.

Yukiatsu, listen.  Bitch, I’m tired of your crossdressing habit. Shit doesn’t even look that good on you.

Shit looks fabulous on me, stop being an insecure bitch Tsuruko.

Now I’m worried what Tsuruko’s inner conflict or problem may be because I’m not convinced she’s in love with Yukiatsu and that a one-sided love is what’s eating at her. They’ve been showing her drawing with leads me to think that maybe that may be something. Or maybe some problems at home, I’m not sure.

This is one of my favorites this season but I do have a problem with this show. And hold your breath here, it’s mainly about Menma. She’s really cute and it’s understandable that she acts like a kid because she died young. That doesn’t mean she can’t be annoying though. I think they’re starting to overplay this and it ends up making her seem more useless than she should be. It’s a minor setback though and has more to do with me nitpicking.

I know at this point and time everyone is calling Yukiatsu a creep and that’s totally reasonable. I can’t help but feel sorry for him though. I guess he was sick and tired of Jinta talking about Menma and was desperate to embarass and disprove him. He acts like he’s matured but the truth is that his impish jealousy gets to him every time. To think he’d go this far is pretty sad on his part. I just hope that he stops hating on Jinta and that being with the Super Peace Busters will eventually change his attitude.


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