Steins;Gate 04 – 05

It’s a great feeling to have your patience rewarded. The latest episodes of Steins;Gate have been awesome. From plot development to character development, it’s moving along swimmingly. The characters here range from odd to downright crazy, without easily submitting to vapid shenanigans. The dialogue is consistently witty, and with Mamoru Miyano delivering Okarin’s lines– it just works.

The most interesting thing so far aside from the revelation that SERN likes turning people into jelly and getting them stuck in walls, is Amane’s reaction towards Kurisu. What she had going on there was incredibly intense, I could feel her tension. Just a speculation here but Amane once claimed she was a soldier, I wonder if this is actually true and she may be from the future. She says that Kurisu doesn’t know ‘yet’, meaning Kurisu may have done something in the future that led to some event Amane needs to undo.

For a show void of fancy action scenes or over the top humor, Steins;Gate is one of  the most intriguing shows for me. It knows how to treat mysteries and consistently forces me to pay attention to the details no matter how convoluted they sound. AND DR.PEPPER. This is the season of sodas making it to your anime. First it was Pepsi NEX, now it’s Dr. Pepper– I prefer the latter.


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