Ao no Exorcist 03

As much as I’d love to blog every show and every episode I watch, it’s just not feasible with my schedule. There are a lot of solid shows this season that urged me to create an anime blog, so it’s a bit unnerving to be unable to blog them instantly. These shows mainly being [C] and Stein’s Gate. Well, it’s a bit of a struggle but we’ll see how far we’ll go.

Today, it’s Ao no Exorcist.  I have to say True Cross Academy is jaw dropping, just absolutely gorgeous. It’s nice to see intricate backdrops like these, you can really see it fill out the screen and become an important part to your viewing experience. A lot of shounen series require creative settings to further set them apart and Ao no Exorcist does well in introducing this environment.

Aside from the last few minutes of this episode, there’s wasn’t a lot going on neither was there a lot of revelations. I was expecting the show to just run off and introduce all the side characters and get on with it. Instead, it sheds some light on Yukio– the seemingly docile twin and Rin’s relationship with him.

It is revealed that there’s more to Yukio than what we’ve seen from the previous two episodes. It turns out he’s a genius and a highly skilled exorcist, good enough to teach exorcism to other students.

Possibly the greatest character in the show. Watch him have no lines at all.

 Yukio has been through five time loops and Rin became the Prince of Hell in each one. There’s no other explanation as to why he’s bitching at Rin like he’s PMSing.

I like how Rin reacts about this. While it may seem like he’s being annoying at first with all his screaming, it’s realistic and it actually gets him some answers. With all the stuff that’s been happening around him, I’d be agitated all the time. It doesn’t help that everyone knew exactly what was going on except for him. That’s a real bummer.

Rin demands an explanation, forcing Yukio to let the other students leave the room. Rin gets even more aggravated and accidentally spills rotten animal blood that entices goblins. The fight itself was okay, the goblins where’s that much of a challenge to begin with as they were low class demons anyway. But it was nice to see Rin use the sword. The fight is simply a device to further intensify the emotional bout between Rin and Yukio instead.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Yukio felt that his father favored Rin over him despite how irrational that may sound. That bitterness would in turn lead him to blaming Rin for his father’s death. From the way he was talking, it seemed that way to me. It was incredibly sad to see Yukio place all the blame on Rin but at the same time, this also proves that Yukio treasured their father just as much. He too was greatly affected by his death but is less able to handle his feelings so he lashes out on Rin.

Come at me bro.

However, when Rin tells him to shoot him, Yukio is unable to do so. It’s a nice reflection of the younger, feeble Yukio. In the end of it though, Yukio and Rin realize that neither of them want to lose someone as important as their father. It brings the two to an understanding and Yukio warns Rin that many exorcists are after him and he’ll have to get used it. It’s most likely his way of saying ‘toughen up’ but I don’t think Rin needed to hear that. After all, he’s got the conviction all shounen leads must possess. Whether or not this less than ideal sibling relationship will play a bigger part (which I’m pretty sure it will) in the later parts of the series, we’ll have to see.

It’s a pretty good episode in terms of characterization. It’s slower than the second episode but just as important. I love shows that know how to convey emotion to viewers and use that to strenghten the show and this is what Ao no Exorcist is doing. It has a couple of uniques flairs and a couple of cliches to go with it but it’s real strength is in its pacing and execution.


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