Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. 03

This episode worked surprisingly well on hinting at some of the very human flaws and mistakes we tend to make in our lifetimes. From the nonchalant reaction Jinta’s dad gives when Jinta refuses to go to school to Naruko’s inability to stand up for Jinta in front of her friends. Sometimes we just don’t understand the weight of the things we choose to do and the things we choose not to do.  AnoHana continues to give its characters multiple layers to them and it’s fascinating to watch.

There are times watching Jinta be a Hikkikomori is painful because a lot of his feelings were the same as mine when I was in university. I disliked going out and going to school and it was just such a pain. I’d try and end up hating myself for even doing it. It’s so weird to have and see a character go through the feelings and thoughts you had in the past.

It was frustrating to see that Naruko was unable to stand up for Jinta, but at the same time when Jinta insults them in his own way it’s a momentary triumph. It may be a brief comment but it’s a triumph nonetheless.

I like how he doesn’t go back to school, it just goes to show you that these things don’t magically fix themselves after one good thing happened to you or if one person was nice to you. I’d suspect it’ll take a while before Jinta starts going to school regularly again after this.

Adding to Menma’s death, it’s pretty obvious that part of Jinta’s trauma springs from his mother’s death. Putting these two tragedies together in Jinta’s young life makes it more understandable as to why he turned into a shut in.

I like the irony of the dead praying for the dead, it’s quite poignant.

I can tell Yukiatsu’s going to be a bit of a challenge. It’s been implied that he has unrequited feelings for Menma and keeps what looks like her white one-piece dress in his closet. The tension between him and Jinta is there, the question is where exactly are the creators planning to take this conflict?

Yeah, I can see dead people too. Problem? <trollface.jpg>

Speaking of Yukiatsu, I remember complaining about him and Tsuruko being douchebags. It’s nice to see Tsuruko showing a more sensitive side to her. She comes off as a bit unemotional and distant but at the same time she appears to be an excellent observer as well.

I’m not entirely positive if Tsuruko’s in love with Yukiatsu but she does seem to care about him a lot. She also looks like she understands him better than he thinks she does. So right now, Tsuruko is okay in my book.

And she’s so pretty.

Seriously, this show is so good. I didn’t get to cry this time like I did the last episode but AnoHana still utilizes the number of episodes it has been given and has delivered another wonderful episode for the third time.


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