Nichijou 04

Ahhh, Nichijou. You have become one of those ‘weekly musts’ for me. I know right? What’s so special about Nichijou that makes it such a must for me to watch every week?

I like a lot of shows this season, but I’m getting attached Nichijou and its crazy cast the most. There is no complicated plot nor is there anything remarkably grandiose about Nichijou. I mean, it’s a gag anime about highschool, students and teachers alike with a quirky seven year old professor, her robot and a cat. Not much to rant or rave about.

It must be the calm, quiet yet cheerful atmosphere, the fluid animation and the way all the characters interact with each other. It’s throws surreal elements into a very normal setting, which works greatly in it’s favor.

Or maybe it’s because Mai trolls like no other highschool girl has ever trolled before.

Because the Nichijou doesn’t have one focal point, I actually find it quite fun that the focus shifts from on character to the other, sometimes including shorts that may exist in the same universe but have nothing to do with the main cast.

This episode wasn’t my favorite but I do like that it’s shown more of the other characters, namely Nakanojo whose mohawk is a result of some weird hair growth problem which was quite unexpected. You’d assume this guy is stereotype associated with rock music but that isn’t the case, apparently his hair won’t grow from the sides. I loved the part where he tries to cover up his head by parting his hair, the horrified screams from him and his mom earned a hearty laugh.

Aside from Mai playing pranks on Yuuko, I felt that Nakanojo’s segments stood out the most. But I do think the short segment with Sakurai-sensei’s inner monologue is worth a mention, it doesn’t aim to make anyone laugh but is a nice breather in between. It makes you think that at the core of Nichijou lies a warm heart. It’s random and quite eccentric but it doesn’t alienate its audience. Not all shows are that considerate these days.


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