Ao no Exorcist 02

Wow. This episode is a huge improvement from the first, cramming in all the development it can muster. We also get to see the OP, which is one of my favorites this season– it gets you really pumped up. The animation was once again top-notch, A1 Pictures should be applauded for a job well done on Ao no Exorcist and AnoHana this season, pure eyecandy.

Note: Before reading this review,  be warned that spoilers abound.

As expected, the first episode was simply meant as a build up and an introduction to all the necessary pieces of the story. The real action starts in this episode where Rin finally meets his dad, Satan but rejects him because Satan’s a douchebag and was never there for him like a real dad would. Take away all the supernatural elements from this episode and you’ll have yourself a decent slice of life drama that will make you cry manly tears.

Nothing like a priest with a shotgun to amplify a show’s badassness.

Ao no Exorcist makes use of some very stunning visuals in this episode with Satan’s entrance and the opening of Gehenna’s Gate.

Let me just say that I did not expect Rin’s surrogate father to die like that. I’ve never read the manga so everything regarding Ao no Exorcist is new to me. His character was so well fleshed out and likable that I just did not see it coming. But! This is a shounen series after all, the character needs the drive to get him to a certain goal and what better goal than to kick Satan’s ass?

Rin’s voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto has certainly been doing a commendable job as Rin. His portrayal makes this show even more enjoyable.

All in all this was an excellent episode. My only worry is that in this genre, a lot of shounen shows tend to start out amazing at first and eventually fizzle somewhere in the middle (*coughSOULEATERcough*). More often than not, a lot of them make me feel disappointed and cheated. I really, really enjoyed Ao no Exorcist’s first two episodes so I just hope I can see one good episode after the other. The next episode looks like a welcome change, it seems we’re moving to a school setting. We’ll probably be introduced to the rest of the characters. Here’s to hoping they’re not mere annoying, loud side characters made to look the protagonist better.


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