Steins;Gate 03

This week Steins;Gate steps it up and delivers more answers, less questions and some nice character development thrown in between. I have little knowledge of time travel theories so I can’t comment much on the ideas presented by the show. However, I am enjoying the time they take to delve more into the details of it without completely leaving the viewer lost in all that jargon, making it fairly easy to follow if you’re patient with long dialogues and verbal exchanges.

Kurisu’s banter with Rintaro was entertaining, proving that this show despite its moodiness, can be funny.

I have to say though, my favorite thing about this episode is how it continues to subtly build up things between Rintaro and Mayuri. Judging by the OP their relationship and Mayuri herself will prove important to the story so all this build up is largely appreciated.

All in all, this was a much better episode than 1 and 2. The gears are turning towards a more sinister plot hopefully worth the anticipation.


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